Diaper bag vs regular big handbag

  1. Has anyone else besides me forgone the diaper bag for just a really large handbag? Diaper bags seem so ugly and not stylish at all. The only problem with just a regular large bag is I hate have bottles with any liquid in them in my purse.
  2. Backpacks come in handy too depending on the outing. I have use a cheap Old Navy bag as well as totes that come as gift w/ purchase from Lancome. Hmm... are you thinking about getting a Gucci tote? A good sized one that holds your stuff as well as baby's would be good so you don't have to lug 2 bags.
  3. I actually purchased a gucci tote, brown with white accents. I love it accept for I feel it is more of a summer purse.
  4. i got the gucci diaper bag. i love it. it's so much better than other diaper bags even my DH loves it.