Diaper bag vs. large regular bag

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  1. Does anyone else besides me hate diaper bags? I've banned carrying one unless I'm dropping my baby off in the nursery. Diaper bags seem so unstylish. I was curious what other people out there do for a diaper bag.
  2. Well I just recieved my christmas present, a Manhattan GM, def big enough for a sippy, snacks, diaper, and all my stuff.
  3. Congrats! Great bag and it's nice to see other moms being stylish.;)
  4. I've used my large LV backpack as a diaper bag! It was awesome. It was great to have free hands esp. when my son was younger!!!:wlae:
  5. Thanks an expensive one but at least I'll actually use it. I bought one before my daughter was born last christmas and it was only used when I would drop her off at a friends or when she went to visit grandparents, just too much to lug around and just not any that are that cute!
  6. Another vote for a backpack!
    I hate diaper bags. They look too mommy-ish to me and they always fall off my shoulder.
  7. gucci fan">
    I say use an lv backpack or mezzo :smile:
    I cant say i really carried a d/bag. I wasnt into lv when my kids were young, I just carried a large tote.
  8. when i needed to carry a bunch of stuff i used a mezzo. i do have a supercute diaper bag by posh baby- but i only use that if we are going somewhere for the day/extended amount of time because i just am not a diaper bag kind of girl. :smile:
  9. i use the bv as a diaper bag
  10. Not all diaperbags are mommyish..I have twin babies so I need more room!! Try Petunia picklebottom..you can use as a messenger, backpack or shoulder. Why on earth would you risk getting water, desitin etc on your lv??
  11. I know a lady who uses her BH has a diaper bag...great idea because when her baby is bigger it will simply be her everyday bag...traditional diaper bags can look ackward...good luck
  12. i did too!!! not so much anymore though...... i've used BH until recently, but one shoulder strap kept falling off....

    i bought saumur at LV party and i've been using it ever since --- this is awesome!!:heart:

    i can use one side for me and the other side for my baby girl's stuff.... specially now that she's walking (for the last 4 weeks) i def need both hands to CHASE her around! :balloon:

    (the bag on the right.....excuse our mess in the room!:Push: )

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  13. I saw someone using the BH as a diaper bag... It's ok IMO as long as it looks stylish.

    My bf's sis uses various LV bags as diaper bags, like Cabas Mezzo (a little too big IMO), Antigua totes (ok!), Trunk totes (ok!), and various totes she switches around with her Guccis.
  14. I always switch. I have the burberry diaper bag, 2 kate spades (i received as shower gifts), a chanel tote in pink, the chanel GST in black & white and a denim GST from chanel, also the LV backpack or manhattan. Also I use my Gucci diaper bag.
  15. I´m going to try for a baby next year and funnily enough I´ve already been thinking about this. I really want to use a normal but big bag instead of diaper bag. What I´m concerned is, the smell, or more so, if there is any? Can I still use the bag after the diaper days are over?