Diaper bag -- Pls help

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  1. Hello .. so my BFF is 4 months pregnant and she is like my sister. We are in our late 20's and we have been friends since the age of 4 . her daughter will be like my daughter... so as the baby shower approaches , i am looking for gifts. since she is very much into bags like myself, I have deciede to get her the diaper bag as her shower gift. she wants a burberry one, since i am not that into burberry , i am not that familiar with thier styles. can you please advise which is the best diaper bag ... she wants the canvas one , the leather looking one. Thanks.
  2. I am not sure, anyone know??? I want to also get a burberry diaper bag for my sister.
  3. Oooh get this one-[​IMG]
  4. thanks for all the suggestions ... she loves burberry and will be super excited! too bad LV doesnt make a diaper bag ... maybe by the time i'm pregnant they will. :yahoo:
  5. I heard the diaper bag is cool in that there's a padded insert that can double as a laptop cover once you're done using it as a baby bag. It can convert to a briefcase in a way...
  6. what a great gift!!