diaper bag...nylon eliz-a-baby - should I get it?

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  1. When I was shopping for diaper bags (my daughter is 15 months old now) I couldn't find a single diaper bag I liked. I spent countless hours in search of the perfect diaper bag but couldn't find it so I got the MbMJ tate tote which worked out great, especially when she was younger and needed lots of "stuff". Today out of the blue, I stumbled upon what would have been the perfect diaper bag...perfect I tell ya! The nylon Eliz-a-baby!


    I am *in LOVE* with this bag. But my dd is 15 months old now. How much use can I expect to get out of it? Do you stop using a diaper bag when your baby is potty trained or do you still carry a bag for accidents and pull-ups while they're potty training? Do you think this could be used as a regular tote bag once I no longer need a diaper bag or does it scream *diaper bag* to you?

    Thanks for your input.
  2. that's so cute! i went with a sort of utilitarian lands end diaper bag (since husband has to carry it too) but maybe later i'll get an mj :yes:
  3. I got DH his own Skip Hop Duo because I got the MbMj Tate in fuchsia and assumed he wouldn't want to carry a bright pink bag...but then we had a little girl and suddenly not only will he carry a bright pink bag, but he will play dolls etc...hahaha! The Skip Hop bag has only been used a few times. I just recently started using it myself because I was feeling like I needed a change from the tate tote.

    Do you know what you're having? Either way, congratulations. Babies are so amazing!
  4. i think that's so cute! i love that blue. i think you could use it after she grows up too as a kid bag -- snacks or something
  5. Thanks...I might take the plunge.
  6. Personally, I find that I don't need a large bag anymore..this is why I just got my leopard tate! But it is cute..
  7. I think this is a great all-purpose bag! For things like outings to the park, or being gone for the day when you'l need to pack more I think it fits the bill! My son is going on 22 mos. and there are times when I find I like to bring more with me (even if the bag stays in the car) than not.
  8. I didn't even know that was a diaper bag! So it can definitly pass for a regular tote afterwards. Great color too!

    I have a 4 yo and a newborn. :smile: I found that I carried my diaper bag (which was a Petunia Pickle) up until she was maybe around 12-14months. But some people carry them until their kids are potty trained. I just didn't find it necessary after they are done with bottle feeding. (around 1 year) After that, it's just easier to get one of those diapee wipee's ( spelling is wrong) and throw that into my handbag. That way I can start using my beautiful leather MJ collection bags!
  9. I've been using the Tate tote as a diaper bag for the past 15 months and this is *smaller* than the Tate! It's wider across by an inch but overall, a good deal smaller than Tate. I know you said your child is older now, but in case this helps someone else researching baby bags, the side pockets on the tate are fantastic for holding bottles and are super deep.

    Oh good...I didn't want to spend so much on something I won't be able to use in 6 months should she decide to be a speedy potty learner...lol. I cloth diaper and I live in the boonies so anytime I go anywhere it's a day trip so I rarely leave the house without a packed diaper bag - I leave it in the car, but always have a stocked bag with me *just in case*.

    At any rate, I can't buy it just yet. Dh had been laid off and is just getting back to work later this month so non-essentials are on the back burner in case there is some unforeseen delay in his going back to work. I guess that gives me a little more time to be sure it's exactly what I want since dd isn't getting any younger I'd been hesitant to consider a new diaper bag at her age.
  10. wow, it's smaller than the tate? that's awesome..I say get it then!! Looks really functional:smile: