Diano Vitello Shoulder bag

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  1. [​IMG]
    has anyone seen this bag? is it still available? i like the basicness of it - good for when i'm out with my kids. found it on NM.com, but don't have NM near me but the prada boutique is five minutes away from me.
  2. It probably still available..Id call the store and ask.
  3. went to the prada boutique here on long island and there's are many color versions of this bag sitting right as you walk in ... pewter, brown, black, white and vachetta/light yellow. it's a great lightweight everyday bag. didn't purchase it though. i went crazy and bought the last grey cuervo bag.. i don't know the name of the style but it is roundness of a LV speedy but has all these wrinkles. retails $2450. love it. but have to look at it again when i pull it out of its bag tonight.
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