Diane von Furstenberg Wrap Dress?

  1. I've decided tat I desperately want a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress :biggrin: Problem is, I can't pay $350 for one, so I have to get one on sale. Where might I find one on sale, for around $150? :heart:
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  3. Does it have to be DVF??? If so just keep your eyes open for a sale on Saks.com. You may find one that way. There are a lot of "inspired" looks by other makers that are quite affordable. I love DVF and luckily own a couple but I do also have similar looks from BCBG and Elie Tahari I found on sale.
  4. You should also try Saks, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus on line in their sales area. I have seen the DVF wrap dresses on sale on those sites also. As noted, there are also other designers who make wrap dresses at all price levels.
  5. oh i go gaga over her wrap dresses, i scored a zillion of them at the saks sale this year......you can find them all over ebay too (authentic ones)...just do a search for "diane von" and wrap dress. good luck!
  6. I got some nice ones on net-a-porter for between $160 and $200. I'm not sure if they are still there, but I'd keep an eye on that site. Every now and then, Bluefly has some. Otherwise, Nordstroms has great sales:smile:
  7. Neimans also has great sales on DVF! I picked up a gorgeous one last week that went down to 200 dollars from 400! Good luck :biggrin:
  8. saks online has really great sales too. i snagged one for about $150 this past summer. just constantly check their sale section!
  9. you should def check in stores too. I bought a beautiful wrap dress on sale for $129 at Saks!
  10. DITTO-CHECK MAJOR DEPT. STORES, especially now b/c many sales are going on now.
    I was 'looking ' for a DVFdress also, and found several from 90.00 to 150.00 and love them!!!!
    They will never go out of style and are beautiful!!
    Hint-I'm a shopper and check sites daily and look for a particular item-try it
  11. Bloomingdales had tons on sale recently, I got 3 for around $120. One sleeveless, two with 3/4 sleeves. Totally worth the money, the silk is to die for!
  12. DVF wrap dresses are well-worth the money.
  13. They have been going on sale a lot since the spring collection, so I'm sure it will happen again. Good suggestions above... the only ones I've never seen on sale are the classic black and brown Julian and Jeanne styles. Her prints will go on sale if it's still kicking around at the end of the season.