Diane Von Furstenberg - or is it?

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  1. Diane Von Furstenberg Hello All -
    I previously posted this on the wrong forum - I hope this helps!
    Is this real? I have been dying for this dress - I asked the seller for some photos of the tags - but the seller is out of town and cannot.
    What do You think?
    Thank you!

    Item: Diane von Furstenberg DVF wrap dress 10 NWOT
    Item #: 320586828586
    seller: cows_ski

  2. It looks like it to me. Plus the seller has great feedback.
  3. It is difficult to tell from those photos however the geometric designs is very 'DVF'...
  4. Thank You Ladies! ;)
  5. I have this dress and it looks fine in the 1 pic. But to confirm authenticity you need to check white tag on the left side and the tag on the collar. If you buy it post pic here and i can tell you if it is