Diane von Furstenberg floral dress

  1. Hi everyone!:heart:

    I have boght an very nice Diane von Furstenberg dress.:yahoo:
    I have seen it at Lorelai from Gilmore Girls. She looks so nice in this dress.:smile:

    Now I have a question. She wears also an very nice jade cardigan.(I mean it is jade):confused1:

    Who can tell me, where I can get this or same like this cardigan? Or some other nice cardigans that looks great with this dress. I am happy to get your help.:smile:

    And I am looking for nice shoes for this dress.For the evening I boght some.But I want to wear this dress in the afternoon to with shoes like ballerina or elegance flip flops. So not High Heels for the afternoon.
    What do you think which shoes looks great with it? I am happy to get pic or links.

    Thank u so much.:heart:

    Lots of greetings

    P.S. Here are the dress and the sweater:


    http://www.reel-style.com/page.php?pageid=335 (Driving Miss Gilmore,Air Date: May 2, 2006)


  2. What a pretty dress! As for the cardigan, what's your budget?
  3. Don´t know....if it is a normal cardigan it can be up to $50. And if it is a branded cardigan and one that I love, I will pay more.

    Thank u for helping.
  4. to me the colour looks like seafoam? or something to that effect.

    do you have an h&m near you? that seems like something they would carry.
  5. @ passerby: This cardigan is really nice,but the colour is too differnet. It is a like gren-blue....I think it calls jade.

    @exquisite09: I think I should have a look at H&M. Hope to find there an cardian like Lorelai wears.

    Thank u so much.
  6. I really like the dress.
  7. HELP!

    Which shoes and earring would you wear with this dress???

    I will be glad to see many pics.

    Thanks so much.

    @exquisite09 : Yes it is seafoam. And I CAN´T find a cardigan in this colour :sad: :sad:
  8. Jcrew has cardigens that color , I have one in Vivid lime and it is a blue green color