Diane Von Furstenberg Dress what shoes?

  1. http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/16628

    I need help, I am not sure what shoes and accessories to put with this dress.. its for a wedding, i am also not sure what way to wear my hair.... suggestions please please please
  2. I would try a black peep-toe with that dress. Depending on how long you hair is etc. I'd go with down and flowy/wavy...think Kate Hudson... you could accessorize with a bright coloured clutch of some sort... just thinking out loud...
  3. Yeah, I would also say either a peep-toe or sling-back or a sandal of some sort. And probably hair up.
  4. I'd say hair up, kind of messy curly..
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I love peep-toes i think black is the safest option, i have never worn leopard print before so its a big step for me.
  6. Hair up, gold or silver shoes matched with same colour pochette
  7. Black evening shoes/peep toes, a red coloured clutch, wear your hair up in a bun and accessorize maybe with long earrings or a simple necklace?
  8. i would probably make it a little bohemian? but since its a wedding i dont' know how casual you can be, but i'd have my hair up in messy curls or down in messy curls and some kind of cute jeweled sandals/thongs.