diane von furstenberg.. .any experts???

  1. I was just wondering about DVF pieces... do you think the older, vintage pieces are worth more than the current ones?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. Yes, they are. Just because of rariety.
  3. i love DVF and yes the vintage pieces are worth more.
  4. And some people collect them.
  5. gorgeous dresses! love the vintage pieces!
  6. Thank you so much for your opinions :flowers:.. i was just given a two piece DVF wrap ensemble by a friend of mine who shops like crazy.. She's soo sweet

    Here's a pic.

  7. Wow, that's gorgeous! Congrats...what a sweet friend!
  8. I am dying for a dvf wrap dress but I can never find consistent information on how her dresses run.
  9. i think they run true to size. they are wrap anyways so i'm sure you can go up or down a size with no problems.
  10. lol there's a good reason for that, the sizing is completely random! at one point i think i had one in every size from 2 to 10 :wtf: and my flatmate has mostly 4s and then a random 12?? and the 12 is probably the smallest, it's not a wrap and when she tried the 10 i had to pull it up from above her head because she couldn't get out of it!
  11. Wow, that's pretty.

  12. LOL! :lol: ITA! :yes:

    I have two black Julian wrap dresses and two ruffled skirts from a couple of years ago, which fit well, in a size 6; but when I bought two other skirts in a size 6, a year or so later, they were tiny and I had to return them. :shrugs:
  13. I have been wondering about her sizing myself- was actually about to start a thread asking about it.

    What DVF size would you all order if you were a 4 in most US fashion chain stores (e.g., Banana Republic?) I am well aware that sadly, 4 is not my size in most designer stuff (my Citizens jeans are a 29, which I think is the equivalent of an 8... :sad: ) anyone?

  14. P.S. according to the size chart on her web site, the size my measurements most closely fit is an 8, but I never really trust those things.