Diane Kruger With Joshua Jackson

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  2. [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Ohh! I love how theyre both pulling faces in the first pic! hehehe!

    I have to say I saw Wicker park last night (L'apartement is sooo much better btw) and she isn't all that pretty. On the other hand she's a great actress.

    Pacey is a cutey!
  4. Who is Diane?
  5. wicker park was an odd movie, I saw it so long ago ~ I have no idea who she is either and/or what role she had in wicker park.....oh, Pacey - you had your chance with Kitty Holmes - HEE!HEE!
  6. she is an actress but i dont know her.:shrugs:
  7. Diane was in Troy and National Treasure!
    She is very beautiful!
  8. ^ahh I saw both of those movies and I can't place her. haha
  9. 1st time seeing her ... looks cute
  10. Lol, who are either of them?
  11. Joshua Jackson (from Dawsons Creek fame) and Diane Kruger (shes german- from Troy and National tresure fame- other than that she does more artsey movies). Oh and also her divorce with her husband hasnt been finalised. Im not her stalker or anything...i just read a quick bio!
  12. Aw I didn't know they were together.. they look so cute!!!
  13. I think they look cute together too! And regarding Diane's looks it seems that not everyone tends to agree, some think she is gorgeous and others don't think so. I think she is an attractive girl but when I saw the movie Troy I thought they could of done a better job at casting the mythical beauty that was Helen of Troy! I didn't like her that much in that role!
  14. The first pic looks like they just put some chapstick on or something:graucho:
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