dianahuang's bags

  1. my dream comes true, Alexander Wang Mini Rocco with gold studs:

  2. re: the rocco.

    how heavy is heavy? heavy like a 6 month old baby, or heavy like a dictionary?
  3. thxs for sharing...
  4. nice collection! thanks for sharing!
  5. :lol: not both of them...it's not that heavy...the strap also help the bag feels lighter :yahoo:
  6. Great collection!!
  7. thank you all :tender:
  8. Love the BAL and AW!
  9. hi dianahuang nice to see you here and love your new alexander wang ;)
  10. Two alexander wangs = a dream. :heart:
  11. Great collection!
  12. Great collection! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Really nice collection Diana!:ps:
  14. Great Collection! I love all of your bags!
  15. Very Nice!