Dianagrace's Collection

  1. I have enjoyed looking at everybodys collections so much I decided to share a few of mine. I cannot figure out how to crop my pictures so please excuse my bed. Also, I can't seem to make the pictures smaller so all I can do it post a photobucket link.



    Louis Vuitton


    Hermes (I just got the Kelly yesterday)

  2. great collection, i really like your kelly!
  3. yeah same here, the Kelly is really pretty...
  4. Thank you both.
  5. wow i'm drooling over your hermes scarves! i'm in love...thanks for sharing
  6. beautiful bag and scarf collection. Your Kelly is TDF
  7. Love that pink chanel!!
  8. Pretty nice collection of bags. Awesome scarfs too!
  9. The little pink Chanel is too cute ! And I love your scarf collection !
  10. Thanks everyone!!
  11. I like the pink Chanel.
  12. love your collection! your scarves are gorgeous :smile:
  13. i like the blue colour of your hermes wallet. its so sweet and pretty
  14. Lovely collection, your scarves are so pretty :smile:
  15. i love your kelly and the black chanel!