Diana Ross' latest look..

  1. Goodness even her teeth look bad; what is happening with her?
  2. Damn! She looks like she got beaten with an ugly stick!! Yeesh!!
  3. Poor thing.....probably alcahol and age.
  4. Omg... she looks like a scarecrow on fire!!! Is it Halloween already?
  5. LOL to that
    She looks like the crazy Cat Lady from 'The Simpsons':weird:
  6. She's scary... I'll walk away from her if she approaches me
  7. I walked in right next to her to the premiere party for "Memoirs of a Geisha" and she looked pretty good. I think we all can have our moments when we look like something the cat dragged in...
  8. Oh My!!! Lol
  9. damn, looks like she lives in that car :lol:
  10. go home diana .............