diana pumps

  1. I'm seriously thinking about taking the jump into desginer shoes.. i'm worried because i know the moment i do i'm screwed. I will not want to buy another pair of cheap shoes. I know .. you're thinking AND? well the budget just doesnt allow it. So i was thinking a pr of black pumps, its a staple to everyones cloest. Something I can wear with everything. So its not like i'm buying a sandal that only gets used in the summer or something I can only wear with dress pants.

    Thought on this shoe? Anyone try it on... ?
  2. OMG!!!! Love them... You have to get them!! They are a classic and will always be in style.
  3. Very pretty!! I know....I haven't taken the plunge yet either. I just can't afford to!!!!
  4. Well i'm going to pitch it the b/f and see what he says, they arent something i can hide. He's very observant when it comes to shoes and my bags. Clothes on the other hand.. i can hide those and he has no clue.

    I just called my bloor st store and they only have a 6.5 I take a 6. so i can try them, i have no clue how these fit or i can call Montreal and have them ship me a size 6.
  5. I know this is going to open a door to hell for me. I'm going to be out of control when i need new shoes. I have just stayed away because of that...
  6. I like their simple look. :tup:
  7. I like them my only concern (for me at least) is they are suede (I think??) and it rains alot over here one spot of rain and I'd turn into a jibbering wreck
  8. that is my only issue.
  9. simple but sexy!
  10. I got a pair of black simple pumps from a sale at Ogilvy's last year.Retail price was 400$ for a pair of Anne Klein,and i got them at 100$,you can look at sales, because there are always a pair of simple black pumps.

    But these ones are cute too!!
  11. Understated but classic
  12. What about Beatrix do you like those?
  13. Its kinda plain for me, classic for sure but I'm not sure if it'd be worth it... :shrugs: but if they're going to be worth it for you, then it'd be a nice thing to start off a designer shoe collection :yes:
  14. OMG ! Those shoes.. and I share a name !

    I must have those !!

    And Bag Fetish.. you know Yorkdale carries shoes now.. :graucho:

    Not as many as Bloor though. :sad:
  15. No i didnt know that. Heck I havent been there in forever. To be honest I think once after meeting you there.