Diamonds v. Hermes, with a twist

  1. Last month, someone asked whether she should keep the diamond studs from tiffany that her husband gave her, or ask to trade them in for a Birkin, I believe.

    The board overwhelmingly told her to keep her husband's gift.

    So here's another question...What if you had some serious money to drop, your very own money - would you get a croc Birkin or some very important (ok, relatively important) bling?

    For example, would you choose a hand-crafted diamond bracelet (not a plain tennis bracelet, but a real work of art) or perhaps dangly, special occasion earrings with F/G quality diamonds and well-matched AGTA-certified sapphires...or a brand new croc Birkin, directly from the boutique?

    This is the top-level stuff I've been thinking about lately.
  2. Gosh that is a toughie for me since I love both bling and croc!

    But my vote would probaby be the serious bling..
  3. coco-nut--I don't care for the look of Croc for myself--but I'd definitely buy an Ostrich Birkin...I don't need the jewelry. ;)
  4. You know...

    It would be based on what I would use more...and unless I'd be going out to fabulous parties and special occasions alot...I'd probably choose the Birkin...
  5. OOOOOH difficult decision! I would have to go with the jewelry, especially if it is of the one of a kind work of art variety (reinstein/ross 22k and precious stone pieces come to mind); but it would be VERY difficult to pass up a croc birkin!
  6. Ok, I should probably clarify this just a bit more...The question is really between a wonderful bag of your choosing, whatever leather or style that you choose, and a wonderful piece of special occasion jewelry that is exquisitely crafted.
  7. Both. Ok, let me try that again. I'd spend serious money on jewels and carry a non-exotic Birkin until I could afford to have both.
  8. I am a "diamond girl" - I love diamonds and platinum. But if I were making a decision now, I have all the diamond jewelry and watches I can wear. So it would def be the Birkin!!! Now for someone who does not have a large collection of fine jewelry if it is a one of a kind piece, I would suggest careful consideration before making the purchase. This is sounds like the definition of the saying "between a rock and a hard place" - LOL
  9. I would go for the bag :lol: I feel and think I will get more use of it rather than the diamonds.
  10. I "need" lol - some serious diamond studs at the moment. So it'd be a toss-up.

    I know I can buy diamonds anytime so if I actually saw my croc Birkin (35 matte Havanne PH) I'd grab it, otherwise diamonds.
  11. i would probably pick the BLING because as of now my "bling" collection is severely limited. lol!
  12. I agree with PF; unless you plan to wear your gorgeous custom made beauties weekly, or regularly to parties, they will (probably, depending on how many bags you have) get less use than the custom Birkin.

    And I would personally choose the Birkin over the bling for that reason.

    That said, however, only you know which item makes you happiest right now. Which one makes your heart jump? :yes: And, secondly, which will you wear the most each month?

    Can't wait to hear your decision, coco-nut - what a tough but very happy dilemma!
  13. i would get a killer-big kashmir or padparadscha sapphire, to be custom set in a way that it wasn't for evenings only so i could wear it ALLTHETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. I guess it all depends on how much "BLING" you already own. I love fine jewelry and I think there are some pieces every girl should have. That being said, I dont spend 30-40k on jewelry I'm not going to use extremely frequently. So if these are items you will wear everyday, and you dont already have those staple pieces than I would get jewelry. If you already have your "FINE yet everyday" items and these are earrings or something you would only pull out 2-3 times a year that you do a black tie formal, I would take the birkin. To me, I guess it boils down to which would you get more use out of.
  15. If you already have the fine jewels then you might want to consider that special Hermes bag. Doesn't have to be the schmanciest one on the planet.....just has to be the one that makes your heart sing!

    If you don't have the jewels yet, then that might be where you put your money.