Diamonds that Often Get Overlooked.

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  1. After posting on a lot of your threads,and giving bits of (hopefully!) useful advice,I thought this may be quite an inteeresting one for some of you girls who are actually on the hunt for an engagement ring,and you have come up against a couple of the usual problems, such as your available budget and that elusive perfect style. I thought it would also be helpful as anyone else can add any helpful little pointers too.

    The overlooked diamonds I'm reffering to are pre-owned,pre-loved or previously enjoyed, as one of my former colleagues very eloquently put it!!

    Some of you may shy away from this option as you feel that you would,nt like a second hand stone that has celebrated some other couples engagement.A very viable and fair point until it was all brought into sharp focus by a former employer who had a thriving 'previously enjoyed' side of his business.'Its all a question of perception and re-education that keeps beautiful stones in circulation and providing years more enjoyment,after all thats one of the reason that cut diamonds have evolved to what they are now,to be a thing of beauty and celebration to be admired and be a symbol of love' All sounds good so far? It sounds even better when you realise how old diamonds actually are,the youngest carbon dated one is....................65 million years old!!!

    I then began to appreciate the stones for their indiviual beauty as opposed to thier provenance,after all as a diamond grader with two loose stones in front of me,thats exactly what they are,two diamonds,neither second hand or new comes into grading at that point to make one better than the other,their own individality does that.

    I'm sure a cutter who has worked on a diamond to release its inherent beauty,would work on a peice of rough the was 2 weeks,2 years or 200 years old without any other thought in mind apart from the job in hand.

    This thought process is eventually what led me to own a fabulous diamond that I do now.As I started out in the trade as a trainee d/grader I always thought I would want to go for a D flawless of perfect proportions and a carat in size. How time and cash change you! I became a little bored after years of grading all types of diamonds,what was usually on the on the circuit began to lose its wow factor until it was almost mundane!! I then was'nt sure what I would eventually want for myself,something different, colored diamonds of any significant size were way ouy of our price range, I then came across by chance the one I own and love today! Much bigger than I thought we could afford,coming in at 1.74 cts,but the shape and fire caught my eye,its whats called an old European brilliant cut. That was it, I had the setting changed from a very clumsy old fashioned one that was awful to a spectacular degree! Into what its in today,platinum and bagged a stone that at full retail for the same size would come in close to £22k, for a much smaller £4500.00!!!!!!!!

    I don't care that its pre-owned,I feel it adds to its growing history,and sometimes think about the man who mined it,the man who cut it and the woman who wore it before I did ,and one day when it gets passed onto to my daughter Sophie she may have the setting changed to suit her taste,but I would like to think she often thought of the woman who wore it before her, her Mum.
  2. ps I forgot to put photos on!Here it is in a more comtemporary setting,never let an awful setting put you off,this was in a truly ugly one,the stone is whats important, a good gold smith can create what ever your heart desires.

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  3. Niceeee ring Chaz :smile:
    Any reputable pre-owned diamond stores in the UK :smile:?
  4. Hahahahaha!!! You'll probably meeting him soon!! He first started my love of old cuts as he used to tell me little things like in the Victorian Era ladies used to say that diamonds should be worn after 8pm.When I looked extremely puzzled by this he explained that Victorians used to have dinner at about 8pm,and usually with candles It was usually either daylight or candlelight and in comparison they do come 'alive' in candlelight,and thats how that charming little anecdote came about! He used to get some totally gorgeous old cuts in,quite big ones too 2- 4 cts,bigger sometimes,or can get hold of them if you have a yearning for one!
  5. Ahh great, my mom and dad will be married for 20 years soon, and my dad asked me to find some stuff on the net for him, hes not really the shopping type, and seeing as mums been yearning for a big(ger) rock on her finger (apparently 1.6cts isnt enough :S), that should be nice budgetwise too :biggrin: I hope hes got some marquise type cuts, i'm probably going down to Knutsford in the second weekend of January, mostly busy till then :smile:
  6. I always try to persuade people on a tight budget to go for pre-owned as it can give you access to some truly beautiful stones without the the massive mark-up of new ones,which can be very dis-heartening when you are tight for funds and have a yearning for big-ish stone.I just wish there was a little less stigma attached to pre-owned.But if you look at historical gems such as the Hope Blue and all the notable diamonds in the Crown jewels such as the Cullinans originating from the largest peice of flawless diamond ever found at a colossal 3,106 carats from which the massive Cullinan 1 at 530 carats comes from!!!!,the Koh I Noor and the Fabulous Tiffany Yellow coming in at a whopping 128 carats and desribed as 'a caulron of summer sunshine and fire, these stones have all passed through different ownership and highly coveted non the less with no stigma at all!!! It seems such a shame the smaller cousins can't enjoy that freedom of ownership without causing girls these days to feel that they are somehow getting an inferior deal by going the pre-owned route.No shame in owning a diamond no matter where it comes from I say, and if your savvy enough to save yourself a small fortune by bagging a pre-owned bargain,more power to you I say!XXX
  7. Yeppers, at the end of the day, it's still a diamond, and your actually more likely to get a unique cut and maybe even a nicer stone :biggrin:!
  8. My 1 carat solitaire pendant is pre-owned! I got the best deal out it too! And believe me, I bought it from a friend at around 40% off the original market price ( she upgraded to a 3 carat stone and had no qualms about selling it at a ridiculously low price----she's got money to burn I guess LOL)! I love it! Now, Im convincing her to sell her cross pendant to me, with 2 carat total princess cut diamonds, since she wants to replace them with a $10,000 strand of stunning south sea pearls :nuts:!I have no issue with buying pre-owned diamonds. A diamond is a diamond and will last forever!:love:
  9. I think the pre-owned or estate jewellery is romantic! There's history attached to the piece.
  10. Solitude,I'm so hoping you get that cross!! It sounds divine!! And princess cuts work well in crosses as they don't have any gaps that rounds have, so keeping my fingers crossed! Would she let you take a pic of it to put on here?

    Bitten,that is so true,a gentleman I used to work for used to look after lots of local families with their jewellery and silverware,and when they bought things in for appraising and valuation updates,they would tell me all about these things,the parties that the silver ware had been on tables for and how long it had been in the family.And the jewellery that used to come in OMG!!!
    It was so lovely to see grown women going all misty eyed,remebering how there great,great,great,Grandpa had bought something for his wife and they have pictures of her wearing it,and how its moved through the family and who it will evetually go to,fascinating and very romantic.
  11. Absolutely true,as the vat has already been paid on the stone,it can't be put on again, which is why pre-owned stones are cheaper,so you can get more for your money!!

    I have to stress though that this route is not to everyones taste,and they would prefer to buy from new and be the first one to wear that stone,that is absolutely great as that has its own very important place in the industry! What would happen if everyone stopped buying new ones!!!!
  12. Will ask for a pic! It is indeed divine! Im hoping that she decides to sell it to me soon! :yahoo:
  13. Come on girls,don't be shy theres lots of you having a look,share your thoughts and experiences,it will be so useful to girls who are needing help and encouragement,and your input is valuable and welcome!!!xxxxxxxxxx
  14. Many jewelers sell "estate" pieces.....same as pre loved, IMO. They are just as beautiful. Chaz, your stone is very lovely. I have an OEC in a modern setting and enjoy it, very much.
  15. Whenever/If I buy any more diamonds in the future, I'd always look at pre-owned ones too as I love their sense of history and like you said they don't have such a high mark up with them. I have a couple of Old European cut diamonds like yourself and I love the fact that the cut is slightly different to the standard brilliant that you'd get in stores today.