Diamonds or LV?

  1. This may be a silly question to some we all know Valentines Day is coming up and I like to think very much ahead because of my indecisive personality and was wondering what I would prefer..Diamonds or LV? As we all know it is definately hard to chose!

    I think the heart wristlet coming out in MC/Vernis is definately cute but for that price range IDK if it is worth it. So i'm a bit torn between that and some new studs?

    Which would you chose?

  2. Diamonds. Definitely diamonds. That's what I would choose. Yup.
  3. we all been asked this before, so it depends, i have both, this just lv forum ...
  4. Are you equally torn or slightly leaning towards one or the other?
    What is the price range you're trying to stay in?
    If it is around 350, I'd go with the LV.
  5. The boyfriend is open to suggestions but will definitely splurge; so i'm not restricted to an amount $ per say but torn between the both =/ I mean diamonds can always come later on..but this is L.E.
  6. Definitely diamonds.
  7. LV!!!!!!!! :yes: :yes: :yes:
  8. Diamonds!
  9. Maybe the mods can merge the threads? :shrugs:

    I usually get LV for Christmas, but this year instead of the Le Fab I wanted, DH bought me a TDF set of diamond earrings. :love:

    I'm not asking for anything for Valentine's Day - just dinner out. :yes:
  10. i guess it depends on which one you lack the most, diamond or LV, then it's the one to get :smile: W/insane gold and diamond price incrase, i'd go w/LV and wait til the diamond/gold market cools down a bit to get them.