Diamonds or H Bag

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  1. My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend. He bought me my anniversary present and was too excited to keep it a secret so he gave it to me last night. Anyway, he got me a pair of diamond solitaire earrings from Tiffany. We are going to go out of town this weekend to celebrate and I thought I might go into H to see if I could score a Lindy. Would you ladies prefer diamonds or an H bag?

    For me, I am confused! I really LOVE the earrings, they are very classic and understated and for him to go into Tiffany all by himself and pick out a pair of earrings that match my engagement ring exactly is soooo sweet. But I would also love to have a Lindy! I thought we would go shopping together but he took it upon himself to go and buy my present to surprise me. I feel like such a bad wife to not appreciate his romantic gesture! HELP! Someone please backhand me back to reality!
  2. Sorry need a little of this before you go away!!!

  3. LOL! Happy Anniversary and really enjoy the weekend.

    Your hubby did well and love him up!!! (and the earrings too) Please post pics.

    The Lindy can come later...or maybe he will get you a bonus gift!
  4. OH no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KEEP THE EARRINGS!!!!! If you return the gift you might shoot yourself in the foot and never get such a thoughtful present again.

    Diamond solitares are a must for any wardrobe so keep the earrings and wait on a bag.
  5. I like both. Keep the surprise present and pick a Lindy together, after all you must have a little something on the day itself....
  6. :noggin::noggin::noggin::noggin::noggin:

    And in case you didn't get it the first time!​
  7. Keep the diamonds from Tiffany!! :hysteric:
    So sweet of your husband:love: and so gorgeous:yahoo:...the bags will be waiting!!
  8. That's a hard one! There's no way I could upset my DH if he did the same for me (although THAT is highly unlikely, lol, he is well trained by now that the most acceptable gifts come in orange boxes, lol)

    I would keep the earings as you love them and he was so pleased with himself, a very romantic gesture and a wonderful anniversary present.

    My only suggestion is to go for an anniversary lunch on the day and try and call into your Hermes store afterwards to see about a Lindy. You might be able to order one for another time, Christmas?
  9. Happy anniversary!!!
    Can't go wrong with Tiffany diamonds; your DH is so sweet.
  10. Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. No contest at all. Happy Anniversary.
  11. The diamond earrings are in a timeless style...and given your DH's thoughtfulness, I would keep and treasure them.

    As for the Lindy, either buy it for yourself or wait for another occasion to ask for it as a gift. I'm sure you're not too many months off from either a birthday or Christmas, whichever comes first!:graucho:
  12. totally totally agree!:smile: a lindy can never beat a Tiffany diamonds bought by your dh himself...there is always next time:yes:

  13. Well said, cymbidium!

    ms.fashionista - The fact that your DH made the effort to venture into a jewelry store for you (a frightening experience for most men, I can assure you, being a jeweler) is admirable! You DH is very sweet and thoughtful
  14. Ms.F ~ That Is The Sweetest Most Beautiful Gift!!! You Are Very Lucky ~ Your Husband Is Very Thoughtful & Giving!!! ;)

    ***Definitely Give H, A Call Ahead On The Lindy....You Never Know! ;)

    :balloon:Happy Anniversary!!!!:balloon:
  15. keep the diamonds. that was so sweet of your husband to go through all the effort. you'll have many many bags in your lifetime but one pair of gorgeous diamond studs to remind you of your anniversary and thoughtfulness of your husband.
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