Diamonds or Bags?

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  1. I am just curious if anyone out there has the same problem as me. Nowadays bags are very pricey compared to back then, especially the “it” bags. I remember back then you can get a really nice bag under one G. Whenever I want to buy expensive bag now (lets say above 3 G) I am always contemplating to buy the bag or diamond jewelry or watch. I thought diamond is a girl best friend or it is not anymore? Which one is more worth it….diamonds or bags? It seems to me diamonds and diamond watches are more worth it because we usually only buy the “name” when we buy bags. We don’t truly buy the true value. Just put a label on a simple bag with a high end designer name, the bag is now worth 2G. What do you guys think? Diamonds or bags?
  2. Bags for me! I am not a jewellery person.:P
  3. I think diamond will always be girl's best friend!!!But a bag is necessity doesn't matter if it's under 1G or over 10G it is something you need to carry your stuff with. That's what I think.
  4. I'm happy with my wedding ring and the diamond on that. Other than that..I'm also not much of a jewelry fan. So...bags for me. Who knows, it may change!
  5. I was all about the diamonds until I got my last piece, now I'm feeling "complete" - although I could REALLY use some bigger diamond stud earrings! LOL!
    Now I'm turning my attention to bags, but I'd never spend on bags what my DH spends on me for jewelry.
  6. I wear my diamond cross everyday other than that I don't think I wear any diamond pieces and not thinking of getting any. Bags on the other hand....
  7. Never cared how big a diamond was or how many I had. 1 pair of diamond earrings, engagement ring, heart, cross, and solitare necklace is all I own. I own alot of other peices but thats enough diamond jewlery...I love handbags:love:
  8. i like trendy jewelry a lot more than i like fine jewelry, but maybe that's just because i'm 20 and seriously jewelry is not fit for most of the situations i find myself in. so i'd definately spend the money on bags before jewelry.
  9. Definately bags. My girlfriend adores jewelry, but I can't justify a $2,000. ring, but I can justify a $2,000. bag.
  10. A bag is my best friend - not a diamond - because my bag carries all my stuff for me, is comfy, and looks great too!
  11. i have my 1.25cttw solitaire studs and a lil .33cttw ring that i'm happy with for now so it's gotta be bags... however when it comes time to shop for my engagement ring.. i asked my bf to pick up a simple 1.5cttw solitaire from tiffany's :amuse: we'll see how that goes. hehe
  12. :biggrin: For me, it used to be diamonds. But now it's definitely bag. :biggrin:
  13. Still diamonds.. Diamonds will increase its values in time.. Sadly bag does not...
  14. You sound like me. I LOOOVVVE diamonds, they are even my birthstone. :love: I have upgraded my weddding set (not even the original ring anymore) 5 times since I was married 15 years ago. My diamond studs have been upgraded 4 times. I am very pleased with the size that both pieces of jewelry are DH said absolutely no more upgrading...LOL. I'm thinking maybe at 20 years. :lol:

    Handbags are my second love as far as material items go.
  15. I feel exactly the same way. I have a couple staple pieces that I got as gifts from my parents, but other than those, I'd rather just spend my money on bags!