diamonds( made from ur hair)


Sep 20, 2005
Human or animal hair consists of unique microelements. The combination of microelements is individual and absolutely unique just like a fingerprint.

Our method of making diamonds allows to maintain the proportion of microelements in a diamond equal to that of hair used. This method is patented and enables verification that a diamond identifies with a specific individual. Unlike other personalized diamonds (such as those made from human ashes) our method is acceptable to most cultures and traditions, and diamonds made this way can be dedicated to a living person as well as to a deceased one.

A sensational aspect of our product is the certificate, confirming the origin of a diamond from the hair of a specific individual. In addition we provide a gemological certificate of the diamond.

Our diamonds take the personalised gift industry to a whole new level. Our customers can now offer a special present to their families and loved ones.

Also, a beautiful memorial diamond can made the pain of grieving more bearable.

My first time ever hearing of this , and wanted to share (maybe the last one to know about this , which is all ways the case lol:shame: )
Selena said:
"I like your bling." "That aint my bling, thats my dead uncle!"