DiamondS is back from summer holidays!

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  1. Long absence is over.... I'm back home and ready to reveal my few small H purchases..... :heart:

    Me and my DH travelled all around Europe for two weeks, the last week we stayed mostly around Greek islands on our boat. Here me and my beach Lindy visiting Santorini.

  2. Going for a dinner wearing my 25cm Birkin and Le Tigre Royal shawl

  3. ooooh yeah! a live DiamondS reveal!! :woohoo: bring it on!!!
  4. Welcome back Diamond, hope you had a wonderful time.
  5. Welcome back DiamondS! Hope a good time was had. Waiting to see your purchases.
  6. Welcome home...!
  7. Welcome home DiamondS!! Your vacation looks like is was fantastic! I missed you!! :flowers:
  8. Welcome back!! Can't wait to see your lovely souvenirs! :woohoo:
  9. diamondS - super chic ensemble! :heart:
  10. Quick visit at Hermès Athens...




  11. welcome home, your reveals and "lessons" were sorely missed! soudns like you had lovely travels! cannot wait to see what the H gods delivered!
  12. More GM cashmere shawls? :nuts:
  13. Welcome Back! More please!
  14. Thank you all! You're all so fabulous! :dothewave: :dothewave:

    Few small boxes...
  15. welcome back :smile: