Diamonds, handbags, and hypocrasy.

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  1. Ok people.

    This whole snobbery about fake designer handbags and the accompanying argument about why NOT to buy them, and how most of you turn up your judgemental noses at people who DARE to carry fakes is getting way out of hand.

    Until you all relinquish your diamond rings and jewelry, you have NO argument whatsover, and you're a complete hypocrite.

    The whole "fake bags are made with child labor" statement? Try doing some research on diamonds, and look up DeBeers in Wikipedia, and the accompanying article. Like this one, complete with cited references:

    Or that fake bags fund organized crime? So do DIAMONDS.

    BETHANY is the only person here who has tried enlightening anyone, and maybe 3 of you actually noticed:

    By the way, when you actually read up on diamonds, you will realize that the luxury bag industry has ripped a page right from the success of the diamond industry. Diamonds are essentially worthless, but DeBeers keeps their value artificially inflated and promoted with amazing ad campaigns that date back to 1938:

    So before you guys start going off on people who carry fakes, I'd like to see just one of you take off your diamond ring in protest, march back into Tiffanys and DEMAND your refund!

    If you actually do, I will hold you up as a diety and bow before you in reverence.

    Until then, feel free to buy the bags you want, and let others do the same. Lets keep the condescension to a minimum, ok? People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw... diamonds. Or something like that...
  2. Personally, I don't care what people buy. It's their money, they earned it, they get to buy what they want--fake purses, diamonds, guns, fur, whatever they want.

    I have my own personal and moral beliefs as to what I choose to buy. I don't have the compulsion to police others. But that's just my 2 cents.
  3. That's exactly my point, thank you!~ As long as they're not killing anyone or anything with the guns, that's cool beans with me.

    The only reason I started this thread is because it gets my panties in a bunch when people are creating posts and polls that say, "Why would anyone buy FAKES?" and start listing inane arguments against it.
    It's like all my radical relatives who claim to live religiously by the bible, judging everyone else, and then finding them at a Red Lobster with bibs on.
  4. Same thing with buying clothes that are made in sweatshops.
  5. Oh my god, don't get me started, if I listed all of them, I'd probably overload the server. The only way you own any clothes that weren't made in a sweatshop is if you had made it with your own two hands, and you weren't sweating. In a shop.
  6. They shouldn't be eating lobster if they read Leviticus. :P Ok, just trying to inject some humor--hope no one is offended!
  7. Here's my thing . . .
    no one's making knock off diamonds.
    My problem w/ couterfeit bags is that they're COUNTERFEIT.
    I can't possibly know which ones were made in sweatshops, or to support crimes . . . . but they are copied and that's illegal.
    I'll keep ALL my jewelry and I'll continue to help people on tPF determine if the bag on eBay they want is fake or not AND I'll continue to give people that try and push their COUNTERFEIT products here the boot. ;)
  8. It's ok, I'm just ranting. This is all humorous anyway.

    I mean if you can afford diamonds and bags, and all the riches and spoils of life, more power to you.
    But if you're gonna call other people out for their personal choices, you better know from whence you speak.
  9. I guess . . . .
    I definitely do not have all the riches and spoils of life.
    But your point seemed a litlte one sided to me, not everyone dislikes fakes because they think they're made in sweatshops, supporting crime . . . so I wanted to give *my* reason for not supporting fakes here.
    I don't call people out on their personal choices either {usually!}

    The thread that you're referring to is SO old, I guess someone resurrected it?
  10. when I was in college, I would protest everything and anything - until I started doing hardcore research as an assistant to a social theorist and found that EVERYTHING is just horrible - from walmart products being manufactured in sweatshops to to victoria secret items being made in mexico in disgusting factories to continental airlines customer service being run from an american prison.

    and to add to alot of my favorites - typically when a product says 'made in the USA' or "made in france' it MANY times is made in either prisons or correctional facilities by inmates earning up to 50 cents per day. At the time of my research, eddie bauer and levi were at the top of the prison industrial labor facilities.

    as for the diamonds - yes there are many conflicts with diamonds, hence the name blood diamonds or conflict diamonds, and those in sierra leon will be the first to testify that it is a horribly tragic event - and indeed it is.

    but again, anything that involved commercialization typically has it's ugly realities - if you only buy designer brands, then you may essentially be buying from a sweat shop in france or mexico as opposed to china, nyc or thailand.

    Ignorance is indeed bliss - and we all have to pick and choose what we will and will not tolerate, and I think it is great that we do so. I personally do not condone purchasing any diamonds due to the horrible consequences of Sierra Leon, nor will I buy anything from Hermes, Doony & Bourke or the Gap - for reasons that have to do with thier political and economical practices that conflict with mine...but again, it's my battle to choose to fight.

    as for buying designer bags vs fake bags? I much rather go shopping in the LV or gucci store, chit chat with the SA and have coffee and be surrounded by a fabulous decor and ambience than to haggle with a street vendor to get a fake. I don't have anything against anyone who does buy fake bags, I am just a person focused on the experience of the purchase than the ownership of the item. On the same token, it is so much more delightful to recieve a beautifully wrapped giftbox from eluxury with a purple ribbon and a reciept that looks like a wedding invitation than to get a dusty smelly box from some unknown seller on ebay who might have roaches to save a buck.

    ok so I went off - this is a topic that is indeed close to my heart.
  11. I don't care if people carry fakes. Like wickedassin said, its their money, they can do with it as they choose. I'm not going to be petty and whine and judge those who have them, its when they try to pass them off as real and sell the to unsuspecting people that I have the problem.
  12. Yes, a few did ressurect it. Responded to me on several points, actually.

    Oh really? Ever hear of a cubic zirconium? Or have you read the WIRED article from 2003 where they've perfected a man-made diamond that is indistinguishable (and superior) from a real one? And only cost a fraction to make?
    DeBeers got VERY nervous over that:

    Swanky, I agree about the issue of trying to pass off counterfeits as real, and sell them as such. Nothing pisses me off more. It's deception, it's illegal, I agree with you there.
  13. Well....age and experience will work their wonders on a gal. I'm at a place in life where if I've decided that having a few exceptional, classic, quality items is more important to me than having lots of "stuff" hanging around that I don't use. So, I'll spend my money on quality and enjoy the whole experience of the purchase...this memory lasts longer than the immediate thrill one gets from the "bargain" that ultimatly gets shoved in the back of the closet or thrown away because it's fallen apart.

    Now, that's me. What else is me is that I won't ever judge another persons choice of what he or she will do, buy or how they choose to live their lives. To each his own. My good friend spends a fortune on his car while another collects expensive coins and another bar-hops and does God-knows-what whenever she can. This is what makes them unique...I love 'em all!
  14. Actually, those people who are passing off fake items as the real deal really should be monitored somehow. It's one thing if you know that you're buying the fake but entirely another when you think you're buying the real deal but it's not. Especially when there are big bucks involved...i.e. Hermes bags on eBay. In any other venue it would be fraud.

    If you're in the market for diamonds and you purchase through the regular route you will know what you're getting...same for Cubic's. The law states that as a mfg you must label the item you're selling correctly. No such law exists for items sold on the street or on eBay that I know of....
  15. Yeah see, this is why I rarely trust ebay anymore, it's a haven for criminals. I had a friend who was looking for a car on ebay, found one he was about to bid on, and tried contacting the seller to test-drive it... when they didn't respond, he did some research and found out the seller was CONVICTED of turning back odometers on dozens of cars in Pennsylvania, and the seller had 6 different user names.

    Ebay of course does absolutely nothing, because it would be a conflict of interest for them to cut into their own commission.