Diamonds by Lauren

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  1. hi all.

    first time posting on the site. Do you guys have any experience with diamonds by Lauren? are they reputable? do you all think it's safe to purchase from them.

    I am eyeing this ring for my wife but it's not a GIA certified diamond, what do you guys think? I have never pruchased a diamond w/o GIA certification, is it that really important if I am getting a good price on the diamond?

    thank you all for your help

  2. never heard of diamonds by lauren , however a GIA certification is really important. you want to make sure the diamond is of really good quality. if you want a good deal ona a diamond try sam's club. don't shoot me but they carry great looking diamond rings. not sure if they are conflict free , but its worth a look ...
  3. DBL is well-known in several online diamond communities. They're especially well-known for their fancy colored diamonds and fancy shapes, i.e. cushions and ovals. DBL is not known to be sticklers for certification or numbers/specifications...but they do have quality items and many satisified customers. Personally, if you're buying over the web, I think you NEED to at least have access to the specs from a cert (preferably GIA or AGS) to be able to weed out the duds. Your eye will be the ultimate judge, but the specs are definitely helpful if you're buying online. and are well-known online diamond vendors...great customer service, very trusted, well-priced, and they carry only certified diamonds, including ideal cuts. (cut = most important of the Cs)

    Have you tried going to It's a knowledgeable, helpful online community of diamond nuts! If you register and ask for help with selecting a diamond given a certain budget, you'll get a lot of great advice!