Diamonds are a girls BF

  1. :blink: I would be worrying about someone stealing the diamonds when I parked!!
  2. I don't think the diamonds are real but fun to look at anyways
  3. Hmmm, I wonder if that was done by Erin Lareau?
  4. can anyone say tacky and bad taste?
  5. Not something I would drive around, but I think it's pretty cool from a publicity stand point. I can only imagine the number of hours that went into placing the crystals on that car! :shocked:
  6. OmG it's really cute :smile:) I like it a lot..
  7. i bet paris already owns it
  8. hahaha that's seriously got to weigh down the car quite a bit.
  9. Gosh, imagine how shiny and blinding that car must be in the sunlight!
  10. damn P.I.M.P.!! lol
    ...yeah...that would be some glare!
  11. It looks like a Barbiemobile.
  12. That's the biggest cell phone I have ever seen! J/K! That would have been a beautiful car if someone had not defaced it with what looks like a DIY glitter project gone bad. I do sort of dig the seat covers...but you would need a roller to get the hair off your clothes when you stepped out!
  13. That's awesome! LOL
  14. OMG! I want one
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