Diamonds and Cost, is it a big deal?

  1. I know it isn't, right? Just as long as he loves me then the ring shouldn't I try to tell myself. It's so hard. I'm in love with a $19,000 JB Star engagement/wedding ring. It's so gorgeous. I've been to the jeweler every month for 1 yr to try on the ring over and over. Am I being too superficial? Here's a picture that's similar to the style I like. I couldn't find the actual ring online.

    What's the average cost of an engagement ring?
  2. it's superficial if it's the only way you'd be happy.
    Does he make a lot of money?
    The 'rule of thumb' is 2 mos salary but I doubt many people use that realistically.
  3. I was in love with a Tiffany ring and my husband got me a 1 ct. diamond from a regular jeweler. I was never dissappointed and I still wear it every day. I love my ring and I know he was nervous about buying it. I still dont understand the hype about a designer diamond because no one will walk up and tell you, "what a beautiful Cartier you have!"
  4. well it is superficial if you only get married for the ring. but yes i do understand you and your wish for having the perfect ring. but always keep in mind not the name the size is what matters :angel:
    show your SO things and styles you like so that he gets an idea
  5. Another thing, it would be very bad to tell him you want that specific ring, because then he will think only that ring will please you.

    Oh yeah, and the average cost is between $1000-$6000.

  6. That was an old advertising gimmick that Keepsake Diamonds came up with back in the 70's, Swank. ;)

    The REAL rule of thumb is to purchase what your budget will allow. If you make 500K a year, sure you can afford a 19K diamond. If you make 50K a year? Nope, that's way over the top!

    And for goodness sake, don't finance it! If you absolutely must use credit, my recommendation is to get a credit card with a 0% interest rate and make SURE you have that ring paid off by the end of the introductory period.
  7. That makes 2 of us:confused1: ! For me 'handbags are a girls best friend':nuts:
  8. I know PPsych, it's just the only 'thing' I could think of that some people loosely use.

    Always remember you can trade up later.

    My 10 yr is coming up soon and we'll be trading up ;)
  9. reference
    Averge size of e-ring .40 carat one can tell what ring you have on b/c all the styles can be copy by a jeweler. Don't under estimate a jeweler just b/c they are not one of the big names. You can always bring your design in and ask them to repoduce it. Sometimes they would actually have the same design you want in store b/c most of them will carry the big name's design since they are popular.

    Don't get me wrong. I like the big name designs too but you can get the exect same ring at a jeweler at a less expensive price. I rater spend the money on a better bigger diamond instead of a big name.

    For example you can get a good quality diamond(not including setting which is usually 1000-2000, depending on the style you want) at for 13000.

    I did a search on blueniles and you can get a good quality diamond for 13000.

    1.50-Carat Round Diamond
    This Very Good-cut, F-color, and VS1-clarity diamond comes accompanied by a diamond grading report from the GIA.

    GIA Report

    Price: $13,421

    I don't know the detials of the ring you want but this is a pretty good one and less expensive. I am sure you can get it set the way you want and it will cost you less than 15000 all together.

    Don't get me wrong. I dont' work for BN but I love buying diamonds and I want you to get the most out of your money and hopefully you and your bf will both be happy.

    Everyone get what they want.:yahoo:
  10. Well, as a jeweler that knows the mark up and the market...many of the diamonds come from the same sources, it is true that you are paying for the name but you should be happy with what you choose.

    You can always purchase the setting seperately and the diamond from a reputable dealer. I've custom made engagement rings with people that have their own stone already and I've also searched for stones for people.

    And like Swankers said, you can always trade up. I need to follow that advice as I never had a ring and I've been married over 6 years. LOL :Push:
  11. I agree with those who say it's only superficial if it's the only way you'll marry him. You are going to have to wear it for a long time. :smile: But a smaller ring to start out with is not unreasonable and as Swanky said, many people trade up later. A coworker just traded up and YOWZA is it a gorgeous 2+ct design. Simply stunning. And it means so much to her because of how long it took them to really be able to afford it - and how much her marriage means to her.

    I love my ring but would love to get another one - maybe at our 10 or 15 year anniversary. This one is super simple and was less than $2,000 - a faux tension setting (which I felt was more secure than an actual tension setting) with 3 smaller diamonds on each side, sort of set into the ring with no prongs.
  12. Actually it doesn't matter if it's name brand or not. We've seen hundreds of rings in Fayetteville, Raleigh and even Charlotte, NC. I just can't seem to find anything else that I like. I told him I didn't care, that he can get whatever and I'd be happy. I just want a ring already damnit!! It's been 5 years. =) I've actually liked a $2,000 ring that I've seen but he said it looked too cheap. Doug admits that the JB Star is a pretty gorgeous ring. I didn't even know who JB Star was until the jeweler kept going on and on about his pieces. I told Doug that if he decides not to get that for me, I just want a nice simple princess cut w/a plain band. As simple was possible.

    We've also looked at loose diamonds. Gordon's diamond is pretty. The princess cut has a really nice sparkle to it. I don't know if anyone's familiar with it but it has like a solitaire cut into a princess cut diamond. I was just sitting there listening to Doug and the jeweler pick about a diamond and it came out to $11,000 just for a 1 ct. Doug's all about color, cut, and clarity or whatever. He's kinda picky too.

    BTW, he owns a beauty supply store. If he REALLY wanted to get that for me he would. But $19.000 is A LOT for a ring.

  13. It truly boils down to what the budget can stand and how much you're willing to spend. It has to be both. A multi-millionaire can easily afford a 50K ring, but perhaps is not the type to want to spend that kind of money on "jewelry". Basically it's all relative....

    By the way, I'm in the Charlotte area! Where are you guys? Sounds like you're Down East. :nuts:
  14. I have a Princess cut and it's beautiful.
    When he propsed he gave it to me on a plain thin band. Before the wedding he confiscated it and had it put into a setting w/ baquettes. MAybe you guys could do something similar?
    get the largest solitair that's affordable and add the band to it for the wedding or an anniversary?
  15. I'm from Fayetteville, NC........Fort Bragg.