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  1. :huh: So Confused.
  2. I love round diamonds, I'm not really into the square cut ones though. Heart and oval shapes are also really nice. I'd say 3 carats is as big as i'd ever need and as white as possible!
  3. Princess cut and maybe marquise.
  4. Radiant cut or Cushion cut are my favorite~ and 3 carats would be nice!
  5. I like princess cut, or round... 2.5 - 3 carats is a good range
  6. I like round and princess cut, not too big. I think anything that resembles an ice cube is tacky as heck.
  7. I was actually browsing for engagement rings last weekend - no boyfriend or fiance - but a girl can dream right :shame:

    My dream ring would be a princess cut center diamond about 2 carats flanked by sapphire baguettes (my birthstone). I like the understated elegant look - but the sapphire would be a nice twist on a typical engagement ring.
  8. I'm jumping on the assher bandwagon! I would love to have an assher cut, with a really simple band, and nothing too big.
  9. My ring is 1.25 carat center stone, round cut, pave style (it's got tiny diamonds all around the ring). total weight about 2 carat. I know it's not as that big, but I really love it :smile: I have really small fingers so the diamond looks big on me
  10. I like it.
  11. Princess cut.
    My wedding ring is a Princess ct w/ baquettes down the sides - total weight is about 2.5 but I'm looking to get upgraded soon.
    our 7yr was in Feb so I'm hoping that if I hold off on the upgrade until our 10 year I'll get a nice BIG upgrade!
    Afterall, 2mos salary for DH today is MUCH more than 2 mos salary 7 yrs ago! LOL!

    I'd like about 3 carats on the solitaire.
  12. :lol::lol::lol::lol: ROFL! Too funny!

    BTW my wedding ring is approx. 2 carats total weight, center stone 1.25 Radiant cut with two trillions set in platinum. Would love to upgrade eventually, but so attached to it - very sentimental.
  13. I have an emerald cut and a round but feel uncomfortable wearing them since they are between 2.5-3cts. For everyday I wear my small Tiffany Legacy ring.
  14. Ascher, Emerald and Radient are my fave cuts. 2.5 to 10 carats.
  15. I love emerald cut or asscher cut diamond at least 2.5 carats. I made sure my hubby knows.