*~*Diamond Tote at Nordstrom...Thoughts??*~*

  1. a few more...
    DSC_0006_03.JPG DSC_0007_02.JPG DSC_0008_02.JPG
  2. Thanks! Very cool! :cool: It's definitely larger than I imagined, but looks like it would be quite comfy worn over the shoulder!

  3. I will say that it's super roomy....because of the barrel shape, you can fit a ton. Just for fun, besides my normal everyday stuff, I put in a pair of shoes, a magazine, a sweatshirt and there was still lots of room left! Reminds me of a Speedy 35 in terms of what it can fit. I love it!! :biggrin:
  4. I love the longer straps! And the rose gold looks amazing against the black. Thanks for the review and pics - stock photos can be so misleading. May have to keep an eye out for this one.

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  5. now i get why the name is diamond TOTE! the stock pics made it look like a bowler bag!! thanks for the mod shots and full review - soooo helpful!! i wonder why RM decided to call this one diamond tote and also the other striped/ikat totes "diamond" as well!! so confusing!
  6. is it just me or is it waaayyy confusing for this style to be called "diamond tote" and your striped tote is also "diamond tote" :hrmm:
  7. Not loving the shape so much but I do like it & like she said RGH is amazing!!!
  8. i really like this bag!
  9. It's on my radar now.
    Thanks for the pictures! Wasn't loving the shape initially but you wear it well :smile:
  10. I know...geez! First recycled color names, and now recycled style names. There are two Raptures, too. Hmmm...perhaps I can get a job naming new colors and styles for RM...how cool would that be???

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  11. Thanks for the compliment and to everyone who's comented. I'm surprised there aren't more Diamond Tote owners? I did a search but didn't come up with anything other than this thread....there's go to be more owners of this bag but maybe not PF members?? :shrugs:
  12. Thank you soooo much Antonia for the photos especially the mod shot! Now I know I want one :smile:

  13. LOL, isnt' it strange how that happens?? ;) I do that all the time, I'll see someone with a bag and then I obsess over it!!!
  14. :girlsigh: So true...
  15. LOL - I had the same experience with the Chance Briefcase I just bought. It's such a cute little style that I figured there must be some some other tPF'ers with one and some mod shots...but nope. So, I'm just going to have to start a Chance thread and try and make some converts. :p