Diamond tennis bracelet

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  1. hi ladies,

    Any picture of your 6 to 10 pointer diamond bracelets? Which setting did you choose?
    I wish these were in my budget but they are 0.12-0.15 each.


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  3. Thanks CSG.

  4. I posted my bracelet on another diamond tennis bracelet thread. 8.68 CTW(0.28 CT/stone), F, VS1.
  5. Nymf,
    The diamond melees in your inspiration photo are 15 points (0.15 ct). Lenie's are 28 points (0.28 ct). These are all larger than the 6-10 points that you want to see.
    To give you an idea about the size, 6-pt melee has a faceup diameter = 54% of that of 15-PT (so about half the size)
    10-PT melees has a faceup diameter = 78% of that of 15-PT
    Similarly, 25-PT 138%, and 30-PT 153% (so about 53% larger).

    I recommend that you consider 15-PT, because this size is good for all adult ages and will last a life time. If you get 6-PT now, you may end up giving it to your 20-something daughter or niece in the future. When DSS sinks in and when you accumulate more spare change, upgrade diamond size to 30 pr even 50 PT.

    To save money, you may consider going for 3-prong setting with diamonds (spaced apart more than 4-prong setting, so less diamonds needed). I have 15-PT in 3-prong and 4-prong (both slightly shorter than the standard 7-inch length). The 3-prong bracelet has 38 melees, and the 4-prong (only 1/8" longer) has 46 melees.
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  6. Thank you! Any pictures?
  7. 3-prong vs 4-prong.JPG 3-prong vs eternity.JPG First photo is to compare 3-prong vs 4-prong settings with the same size 15-pt (0.15ct) diamond melees (F VS Whiteflash ACA's). Second photo is to compare 4-prong bracelet setting vs shared prong eternity ring with the same 15-pt size diamond melees. The intent is to show you that diamonds appear bigger when spaced apart more.
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  8. Thanks!
  9. Picking up on an old thread - would you recommend getting 2 bracelets with 0.15 for stacking (I have no other bracelets) or just one single 0.3 one.

    I am really new to bracelets and these would be it - I probably won’t get another.. so I really want to make sure I get the right one/ ones
  10. Good question. This question haunted me for a while until I explored purchasing another diamond tennis bracelets with 0.3 ct melees a few months ago. After some price quotes and more thoughts, I have decided to put this question to rest. First, the price for larger (F color VS clarity) melees is much, much more. For the significant price difference, I would rather add to the funds of upgrading my ER diamond. A larger ER diamond is more noticeable and satisfying than a TB with larger melees, and the ER diamond is more often worn. Second, two 0.15-pt TB’s are more flexible than one 0.30-ct TB. The smaller melee TB can be worn alone in more casual occasions. Moreover, for more formal events, the sparkling effect of two TB’s stacked together (and viewed from afar) is more dramatic. Call me vain.
    In summary, I am happy owning two 15-pt TB’s.
    Lastly, I want to emphasize the importance of paying more money to get high color (D, E, F) diamond melees and VS clarity. The preference for high color diamonds is not just an Asian culture thing. High color diamonds are truly much more pleasing to look at. The high color seems to make the diamonds brighter.
  11. Thank you! Very helpful. I think high colour is very important too. I used to obsessed about getting only D Color, with the forum i realised that’s not always necessary. Tbh I never thought about 2 instead of one.. until I saw this post. :smile:
  12. So I finally (finally) bought my TB as a milestone gift to myself. Based on this thread and after thinking it seriously over, I decided on. 15 pointer, thinking one day I’d buy another one. Of course I went into the jeweller and came out with something completely different. I got a 0.25 pointer instead. I think it’s a bit big.. but I kind of love it...
  13. Never too big! Enjoy and post pics!!!
  14. Collected yesterday, after length is adjusted for my wrist..

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