Diamond tennis bracelet or VCA pave Frivole pendent?

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With a budget of 8K, would you buy..

  1. diamond tennis bracelet

    32 vote(s)
  2. VCA Frivole small pendent

    1 vote(s)
  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a gold love bracelet. With a budget of 8k, I decided to purchase a diamond tennis bracelet to be a good stack with it and can be used daily since I don't have one, but when I passed by VCA I saw the beautiful Frivole pendent (small size) in diamonds, with the same budget and I love it!

    but now I'm not sure, would I pay this amount of money to purchase this beautiful pendent or should I stick to my old decision and purchase a tennis bracelet since I don't have one?
    Do you think its worth it to purchase this pendent? let me know, thanks!
  2. I would go for the tennis bracelet.
  3. I would also go with the diamond tennis bracelet. It is versatile for stacking and it is such a timeless and classic piece.
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  4. I agree. A tennis bracelet is a classic, and I imagine an 8,000 dollar one would be very nice.
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  5. I would also go for the tennis bracelet.
    Get your staples and then go for more fun pieces.
    A tennis bracelet is a staple.
    However, it is a bit flashy depending on the size of diamonds.
    You need to ask yourself what kind of environment would you be wearing the items. If you think you'll get more wear out of the VCA because it suits your lifestyle more, than that's the winner.
    However, I'd be the kind of person to rock a tennis bracelet regardless of where I'm at, so that would be my choice :smile:
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  6. I love VCA but this is so much more bling for your buck!
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  7. I think it depends on your lifestyle and your general taste. The diamond tennis bracelet is a classic, staple piece you’ll wear a lot. The frivole pendant is beautiful and the craftsmanship is exquisite. Personally, I would pick the tennis bracelet because I would get more use out of it.
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  8. I barely wear my tennis bracelet but I’d wear that pendant all the time
  9. Wow, didn't expect to see this much of votes toward tennis bracelet!
    After few days of seeing that beautiful pendent, I think I need a staple piece that I can wear it every day instead of having one flashy piece that can be worn only in the evenings or special nights.

    Thanks ladies!
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  10. Decided and Go for it
    You know best yourself
  11. I vote for the tennis bracelet
  12. A tennis bracelet will never go out of style, plus you can wear it with jeans, a suit, a gown or stack it.
    A pendant is a lot less versatile. The only thing I would have done differently is that I would have chosen white gold (but that’s personal preference. I also like pavès in white gold, even though my jewelry is usually a mix of different metals).
  13. I’m so
  14. Whoops, that was a mistake reply. I vote tennis bracelet