Diamond Tennis Bracelet - Bezel set

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  1. For my upcoming wedding anniversary, my husband wants to buy me a new diamond tennis bracelet. :yahoo: My current tennis bracelet is a 5 carat, 4 pron setting. Although I wear it daily and absolutely love it, the prons are beginning to annoy me, as they catch on almost everything. I have to roll up my sleeves. So browsing the stores, I found two similar but different settings....full bezel and half bezel in white gold or platinum. Bezel setting shows more metal than what I'm accustomed to, which I do not mind by the way. Since this will be my daily bracelet (wearing it alone or together with my current tennis bracelet), I want something different for a change. Although the pron setting is more classic and elegant, bezel appears to be more casual and take the everyday beating better....but most of all, bezel does not catch on things. :tup: Now, if only I can decide on full bezel or half bezel. Again, I do not mind having more metal showing since this will be my daily wear. I'm leaning towards 6 carats, white gold. Platinum is too heavy for my small wrist.

    I need some opinions. Which would you prefer? Half bezel or full bezel?

    full bezel tb.jpg

    half bezel tb.jpeg
  2. Half bezel shows the diamonds better,but the full bezel seems more 'complete' as a design. I agree claw sets are a pain in the bum on ten.blets,I don't think either option on the two new settings you have picked have a better or worse look than each other.
    If it was me,I think the half as it really sets the diamonds out with not overly much setting,and they are still 'catch free' when you wear them!!!xxxxx
  3. Im with Chaz on the half-setting!!!
  4. Half bezel.
  5. It seems like full bezel is not very popular :girlsigh: and which explains why I've never seen it worn by anyone :angel: . Either setting, 3 diamonds need to come out, as the bracelets are too long for me. I don't even know what to do with the three extras.

    I kind of like the design of the full bezel in that the diamonds look more round versus a continuous line of diamonds in the half bezel. I agree, the diamonds do not show that well on the full bezel. I don't know....it's a hard decision. I can go either way. The half bezel is more raised whereas the full bezel is more flat. Both are heavy to wear compared to my pron setting.
  6. Here's what bothers me about the half bezel. You cannot see the cutel or side portion, as the side portion is completely wrapped by the gold bezel, making it difficult for light to hit at all angels of the diamond. The setting of the full bezel is open so the cutel and side are visible.
  8. Ok, I got it. Half bezel will accept light better at the top to make the diamond more alive and brighter than the full bezel. I'm going back to the jeweler Friday to test the bracelet again. There are so many different styles to choose from and the more I look, the more confused I get. At least I narrowed it down to bezel for a more contemporary, casual look. Thanks!

    I'm not good at diamond terminology. "Culet" yes, I was preferring to the point at the bottom of the diamond.
  9. Great!! Best way is to try them on again,ask your jeweller if he will escort you outside with both as thats the type of light they will be seen in most,and thats really how you will be able to make a clearer decsion under bright showroom lights it can make it a bit more tricky. Ooo, very best of luck!!! You've done fantasically well narrowing it down to two!! Well done and keep us posted!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx:heart:
  10. i own a half bezel platinum 5 carat tennis bracelet. i also have a small wrist and have no trouble with the weight. it is comfortable and i can wear it everyday if i wish as it goes with everything.

    one of the reasons i choose this style was the catching you mentioned. the diamonds are also very well protected.

    i purchased mine from whiteflash and was satisfied with their service. hth.:yes:
  11. I prefer the half as well. What a wonderful present!
  12. I'd be happy with either, but my own personal tastes leans toward the full bezel setting. I think the bracelet looks more "finished" in this style.
  13. half bezel!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have them set the stones in little white gold martini settings for earrings for you:yes: That's what I did w/ mine!
    You'll have an extra if you lose one :biggrin:
  14. My mil has a huge diamond bezel set bracelet and it is sooo ugly. The diamonds are tdf but the setting looks almost industrial its so big and bulky, not feminine at all.
  15. I am also a half bezel fan.

    Congrats on your anniversary!