Diamond Studs

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  1. Hey All,

    I searched for any recent threads regarding diamond stud earrings, but couldnt find anything that up to date, so I hope you dont mind this post!

    I am interested in getting at least 1 ctw stud earrings. Probably going to go with a 4 prong instead of a martini.

    Ame, would your cheat for engagement ring stones apply to these as well?

    Anyone else, is there a recommendation to stay at a certain color, for example, no lower then H/I? or any other stats?

    I would be working with a jewelry that I trust, but is somewhat far away so I would not be able to see the stones. Any help would be great!

    Thank you!
  2. I don't think you have to go as high on color and clarity with diamond earrings as you would for an engagement ring.
    I would stick with H/I and anything above SI and "very good" cut or higher.
    Some vendors I would recommend (if choosing the stones) -
    Brian Gavin
    James Allen
    If you want pre set studs, I would look into DiamondWave and Since1910.
    My pre set pair is from James Allen (rounds, .25 tcw) and I would recommend them as well.

    ETA - I've heard good things about I.D. Jewelry (they're out of New York) as well.
  3. Emchhardy, how do you find the quality of JA preset stud?
  4. That's great to hear! I have been curious about the JA studs. Do you happen to have pics? I am unsure about the size myself.. I was thinking maybe I should buy CZ earrings to test out different sizes. OP, sorry for hacking the thread!

  5. No worries! This is helping me too so dont you worry :smile:
  6. The cheat sheet works for rounds, and yes would work great for studs.

    For studs, I'd probably suggest I or J color, myself, but if you're more comfortable with H or I that works too. They're on your head, and they're going to still look bright if they're cut properly. Clarity is up to you, I still like VS, but others are ok with SI. Again, on your head. Not on your hand.

    If you're still buying sight unseen, consider going online. At least that way you get the images of the actual stones. James Allen and Brian Gavin were both mentioned. They do offer preset studs but you won't get the upgrade policy on those, nor will you get the data on the stones like you would if you select them yourself.
  7. Hello diamond lovers,

    I am about to buy a pair of diamond studs but would want your input as to whether I am making a good purchase.
    One diamond is color H cut SI, the other is color I cut VS2, they are 6,250 us from 12,500 usd. Both are 0.91 carats. Am I purchasing a good pair regarding color and cut?

    Should I take the plunge or keep on hunting?

  8. That's not even remotely enough information. Reports? Angles? Plots?
  9. The SI and VS2 do not refer to cut those are clarity indicators. As @ame said you really do not have enough information to make an informed decision on those two stones.
  10. If you are going to buy diamonds sight unseen...go with AME's cheat sheet/suggestions. I, personally, need to see diamonds in real life and (hopefully) they'll sing to me.
    But I'm old and buying online makes me uncomfortable. Many members have bought online and have been very happy. My take on color is a bit different but I am color sensitive. My studs are G VS2/SI1 but ex/ideal cut which is the key...CUT! I won't buy anything lower then G because I think the color is noticeable when people look at you. I notice it on other people right away. Although the right cut can mask lower color/clarity.
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