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  1. What do you think is the ideal size for everyday diamond studs?
  2. I think it depends on personal preference and what you can afford. Mine are just under a carat each......big enough for me. If you're petite or have small ears and wear your hair short a small pair could show up nicely.
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    Agree with sdkitty. My current ones are 1.60 ttcw, .80 in each ear. I love them and feel they have a good presence on my ear, however I also loved my old 1.08 ones and don’t see a massive size difference between them if I am honest. At least not sizeable enough to justify the enormous price difference. I think around a carat total is a lovely size for everyday and if you go for say .98 carat you could save a ton as the cost goes up massively after you hit the carat mark (and then 1.25, 1.50 etc). I lost my old studs and would have gone for around a carat again size wise had my jeweller not offered me an incredible deal on the larger ones, I was really lucky.

    Here is a recent photo of me wearing my 1.60 ttcw studs for reference.

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  4. My studs are about 1 carat each and they’re the perfect size for me. I wear them often both day and night. I’ve considered going a bit larger but in reality I think what I have is perfect. They aren’t overwhelming but noticeable. I’m tall, small-medium frame and I wear my shoulder length+ hair down most of the time if that helps at all. My bff is small frame, 5’ tall and her studs are about .60 carat each. They look great on her and show up well.
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  5. Just a suggestion but maybe try faux first to really gauge your comfort level with everyday occasions, since everyone is different. I know ladies who have really large size ones but do not feel comfortable wearing them in the current economic situation.

    I do not think you are in the US, but Nordstrom’s has some really beautiful inexpensive CZs with open backs and the WG ones are actually platinum plated silver. I would recommend looking for something like that. The open backs are crucial so that you can actually clean them and allow them to maintain their sparkle.
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  6. Thank you to everyone who responded. All excellent info. What is fluorescence? Is it like an inclusion?

    I was just wondering what size works for everyday wear, I would not want to go too big and I appreciate the idea of trying an inexpensive version of man made stones. I can only wear gold on my ears though - allergic to everything else.
  7. Excellent suggestion - do you have a photo or any reference of what ‘open back ‘ looks like?
  8. https://4cs.gia.edu/en-us/blog/diamond-fluorescence-good-bad/
    I personally wear all my jewelry regardless of size but that’s me. I like the 0.50 or up to 1 ct total. But again, it is a matter of personal taste. Go to the store and try different sizes to see which one you like. Some ppl like tiny some ppl like big
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  9. I'm allergic to nickel too
    I can wear 14K gold, platinum (I think anyone can wear that), sterling silver
  10. If you do get ready to think more seriously about buying, two resources I found useful - Pricescope - talk and advice; and whiteflash - sales - they will help you find two closely matching stones based on your price/quality criteria.
  11. Thank you. :yes:
  12. Some very inexpensive jewelry is glued into settings which means you cannot clean under. The ones I was suggesting are set just like real diamonds would be set. I hope that explains it without need for a photo.

    I have very bad allergies as well. I cannot do plated at all either. Maybe try inexpensive pearl studs (set in real gold) in about the mm of the diamond carat weight (I understand that the mm of the diamond would very based on how it is cut shallow versus deep etc) you are looking for. It isn’t exactly the same, but it will give you an idea. Going too big or too small can be very costly mistakes. Moissanites tend to be set in real gold but they are rather pricey to use in this experiment.

    Do you own any stone stud earrings? If so, see what mm size those are and if you like those as is, bigger or smaller.

    I would also highly suggest getting screw-on or la pousette backs for security for your diamond earrings. Definitely worth the extra expense for the security they provide.
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  13. Size depends on you and hairstyle etc. I think best to try on and good idea about trying faux diamonds for sizing. I wear mine everyday and they are also
    .8 carat each or 1.6 total. I’m somewhat petite framed. Good luck!
  14. As an aside, how does everyone wear their studs?

    I started wearing my diamond studs set in white gold (open back setting; butterfly back) and I don't know if I should be taking them out to shower and sleep?

    I'm reading conflicting reports: some people say shampoo/conditioner gunks them up and that rubbing on your pillowcases can wear down the prongs. Other people say the shower water actually rinses them cleaner and taking them off often would loosen up the backing?

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

    And P.S. to be on topic, it really depends on your frame and how large your ear real estate is. I'm 5'2" and have small attached lobes. Anything over 0.5 carat each starts to look comical on me.
  15. Fluorescence is a difficult topic, means how the diamond changes the color under UV light. eG. a with diamond (river D-E) can change to blue or very bad to yellow or green. If you choose one in a bit colored (wesselton G or less), it can have a positive effect, than it appears often more white. Normally for bigger diamonds from H-D color I would choose “none” or “less” fluo. And in each case choose a diamond not less than very good cut. In my opinion it’s more important than the size. So it’s not a inclusion not one of the 4C’s but important :smile:
    Hope it was not confusing, but in the internet you will find lots of pictured information about this.:smartass:
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