Diamond studs with an antique look?

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  1. I am shopping for my first pair of diamond studs. I will be buying the diamonds from a diamond broker (Canadian diamonds) and I am looking for a setting that has an antique look. I like Art Deco styles and filigree. I'm hoping to find a stud setting that has a bit of that style to it. Has anyone seen something along these lines? Thanks:smile:
  2. the buttercup setting:




    these are actually buttercup snap-tite settings in 14K from stuller. i wanted to cut costs by setting the stones myself (they're old european cut CZs :P ) but i know stuller does carry the regular buttercup with prongs that will need professional setting, much safer for diamonds.

    here's a link to the vintage style earrings on stuller's page. your jeweler should be able to get the mountings for you.


    here is a link for all the scroll settings stuller offers. they're kinda filigree-ish. :biggrin:


    [​IMG] <----- scroll setting
  3. thats a really cool setting
  4. Thank you so much! Those are great:yahoo:
  5. Those settings are beautiful.:heart:
  6. Very, very pretty
  7. I love that buttercup setting! I've never seen it before.
  8. thats very unique.. it would look nice in white gold too