Diamond studs : Tiffany vs Cartier

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  1. Which one do you prefer and why? TIA
  2. Neither, go outside the brands. Select your own stones from another vendor and KNOW you're getting the best quality for the money!
  3. Why does every time when someone asked if they should go for Cartier or Tiffany, someone always tries to divert them? If they can afford it why not? Tiffany and Cartier are luxury brand, for people who can't afford it, of course it seems illogical to spend that kind of money.

    But if you can afford luxury, sky is the limit.

    OP: on diamond stud I prefer Tiffany.
  4. Because you can get the same exact thing, even better, for less money. Why spend more for the same thing?
  5. If the name is that important, and you can afford it, sure. But...for the same amount, you can get non-branded diamond studs of better quality/bigger size. For something like a diamond stud earring, no one will know the brand unless you tell them!

    If that is important to you, then go with the brand.
  6. I don't want to rob OP post, so let's stay on topic. The Post question Carrier or Tiffany?

    Not to be rude, but if someone asked apple or banana? You don't say..how about broccoli?

    Also you can never get the exact same design, in the bag world it is called a replica.
  7. I am currently looking to upgrade my Tiffany diamond studs and have thought about checking out Cartier too! Have you had the chance to check out Cartier studs in person? I would love to see pictures of their setting!

    I know that with any brand name you pay a huuuge markup but in my opinion my Tiffany studs were worth it! I really love their 4-prong setting and I haven't seen any non-brand one that I love as much.
  8. Thank you ladies... i do love Tiffany and Cartier and I want to choose between the two since I love them both. I know there are other jewelers out there for cheaper price but I want to make my purchase from Tiffany or Cartier... I don't care about telling people what brand I wear...I just love to buy what I love. As a history person, I love the history of both Tiffany & co and Cartier :smile:
    My heart tells me Tiffany but I love the French so much...but I did not get the chance to see Cartier's stud earrings in person yet.
  9. Do you have pics to post so we can see what you are looking at?
  10. Well said ;)
  11. So round in Tiffany and princess in Cartier? I like the round better.
  12. Let me start by saying I love Tiffany and Co. They always seem to have a great selection of earrings to choose from in the store. As for Cartier, although I have been to several locations (including the one on 5th avenue) there seems to be a limited selection of diamond studs.

    Imho, you should buy diamonds from Tiffany and watches from Cartier.
  13. I loved that dig, the one you just made there by assuming that others cannot afford to spend their money on the brand therefore we suggest someone go elsewhere. Many of us that suggest OTHER do so because we know that they can get more for their money--i.e. bigger and better quality stones for their amount of money--regardless of what they're able to spend, elsewhere. Just because it's got a fancy brand name doesn't make it the best on the market. It makes it well-marketed and highly priced with assumed prestige.

    I've helped many people on here purchase from either company. This isn't a brand-bash. My reason for suggesting "neither" in this case is because the stones and settings will be in your ears on your head, and no one, not even you, is going to see the settings without you taking them out of your ears to know the difference, and no one besides you is going to know anyway unless you tell people they're from someplace specific. Why not have a hand in selecting the actual stones you're paying for and know that you're spending your money on the best there is, not what someone tells you is the best strictly based on what's in the store at that present time to make a sale? That is true luxury. Sure, both outfits have some decent stones in their inventories, but you really have to have a salesperson willing to help you find them from the stock on hand, and most of the salespeople are going to do their best to sell you what is in the store at that time.

    I own Tiffany pieces, diamond and otherwise. I have owned a Tiffany engagement ring in the past as well. But I am also a gemologist with significant training and education and enough experience to know quality diamonds. I have found better outside of Tiffany and Cartier and have spent countless hours poring over supply from both companies to help posters here and consumers outside of here find the best both have to offer. It's not often a big list of winners.
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    That's her prerogative, and if she can get the reports for all the stones in the pairs she is considering I will gladly do as I do with all the other posters looking through their inventory, yay or nay them and explain why each stone is worth considering or not considering.