diamond studs...round, princess, or bezel?!?

  1. so apparently my boyfriend is going to "surprise" me with small diamond studs for my birthday :party:

    so taking into consideration the fact that these diamonds are going to be small, and that i'll be wearing them every day i was wondering which setting you ladies though would be best and also where would be the best place for him to get these.....

    from the little research i've done bluenile seems to have the best prices for the best quality....i'm SOSOSOSO excited my parents have gotten me many diamond pendants and rings but no diamonds for my ears yet!! :yahoo:




  2. Both pairs of mine are round in a 4 prong white gold setting with a screw back. This is one of those times that simpler is better. I wore my first pair basically every day for 2 years.
  3. I prefer round for ears. . . if I had princess, I'd be obsessed w/ making sure they were always straight and not tunred in different directions.
    Also, rounds look bigger in the same weight IMO and sparkle more.
    I don't like screw back if you plan on removing them often.
    You can sleep adn shower in smaller weigths though.
    I've never been a bezel set fan, I prefer 3 prongs in a martini setting.
  4. swanky ur so right i'm crazy anal with things being aligned, and with the princess i'd probably be fidgeting 24/7....i never even thought of that! :push:

    i saw the gorgeous monsters ur husband purchased for you, and i definitely agree that a martini setting is the most beautiful, but unfortunately i don't think i'd be able to find them in the teeny size i'm looking to have my boyfriend buy them :sad:

    and i think i need the screw backs only because i've lost many an expensive pair of earrings while doing my hair (an earring goes flying, never to be seen again :crybaby:)
  5. I prefer the round, prong setting -- classic, and IMO you get the most reflected/bounced-back light with that cut/setting (vs. bezel) so more sparkle. :smile:
  6. you can get martinis still, promise!!! I have some little ones that came out of my tennis bracelet. . . they have to be something like .20 each or something and they're martini set:yes:
  7. most places will automatically give you 4-prong basket settings, you can ask them to switch it out, there's almost never a charge.
  8. Online prices are generally 60% less than store prices though, since it's so competitive. But if you are going to go B&M, check Sam's club.
  9. Round! can't wait to see what you get.
  10. i like the first one (round).
  11. I posted a few weeks ago on the same subject (small diamond earrings on a budget) and still havent decided what to get. I was into princess cut, but have since decided on round because the earrings will me small and I would like more sparkle, plus it's classic. Another concern of mine with the princess cut is the prong size. With small princess cuts, I've seen some where the prongs are WAY too big IMO and not dainty and thin to match the earrings. It's almost impossible to tell online so I decided against princess cuts.

    I also had trouble finding a balance between size and quality. =T
  12. hey jc! good for you on the new studs. i checked out the blue nile site and i really like the fact that they are platinum. for me that is a must due to allergy but i'm not liking the screwback or the basket as well as regular backs and martini. i checked out whiteflash since i have purchased from them (not earrings but a diamond tennis bracelet) and they have a 14k white gold martini setting with .25ctw color g, clarity vs for $350.. they also have a 14k white gold martini setting .30ctw color g clarity si for $440.. i hope that helps. also check signed pieces they have nice diamonds and i have bought from them also. those are the only internet stores i have experience with. :yes:
  13. thanks all for your suggestions! :yes:

    i found this site called diamondstudsonly.com that seems to have a great selection (you can choose setting/color/quality and they have great cuts) and they have martini settings at prices comparable to blue nile, but since this is a site i've never heard of i'm a bit iffy on it....will have to do more research and hopefully they're reputable :yes:

    1/3 Carat tw round diamond stud earrings
  14. If the diamonds will be small like you said, I would go w/ a bezel set in white gold or platinum. This setting will give the stones the appearance of being larger, and add to the sparkle. Otherwise, I would go w/ four prong.

    Round brilliant I think is more timeless than princess cuts (plus, princess cuts face up smaller than round brilliants, so by going with a round stone it will look larger than princess cut of the same ct weight). Have fun! and Happy Birthday!