Diamond studs + pearl strand?

  1. Do you like this look? I'm wearing it today and kind of think it looks cool. :supacool: Not as matchy as wearing the strand with pearl studs.
  2. absolutely! Can't go wrong w a combo of the classics:yes
  3. why not? i do have pearl earrings circled with diamonds and some with a diamond drop. very classic.
  4. i think it looks great and still classy.
  5. I like the look. It's much less "fussy" than wearing matching sets.
  6. Def like the look. You cannot go wrong with diamonds and pearls
  7. LOVE the look!!
  8. i do that all the time. i think it looks really casual yet classy and elegant. like you can't be bothered to put on a matching set.
  9. I love it! I also like to wear my pearl studs with just a simple diamond cross or any of my other simple diamond pendants....
  10. I think you can definetely mix it up. While matching pearl necklace and earrings looks very ladylike and classic. Mixing diamonds in the equation can add a little twist to it.