Diamond studs or Tiffany Victoria Earrings

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  1. Debating whether to buy diamond studs or the Tiffany Victoria earrings ? Money aside, which style is more beautiful for daily wear ? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1432311028.166006.jpg
    I want to be able to wear them daily and a bit torn between the two styles .
  2. oh my I think the Victoria ones are beautiful!! :biggrin: i see no reason why you couldn't wear them everyday. they get my vote!!
  3. the Victoria earrings are absolutely gorgeous and a personal favourite of mine. however, practicality wise, I think diamond studs are more practical. This question also depends on your personal style - which do you think suits your outfits more?
  4. I vote for the diamond studs, depending on what size you decide to go with, you can wear them on a daily basis without even needing to take them off everyday. They will go with everything, and remain always in style! i am getting a pair between 1-1.5 carat for my first wedding anniversary next year. I currently wear diamond cluster studs that i received for my b'day 2 years ago. Never taken them off apart from cleaning them, they go with everything, are comfortable!
  5. Have you looked at the Victoria cluster earrings? They are more stud like and gorgeous.
    Another option- VCA fleurette earrings.
    I apologize for adding even more choices 😳.
    You can't go wrong with any of them.
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  6. Oh my I am facing the exact same decision and so glad you started this thread! In a previous thread I'd voted for studs because they just seemed more classic and practical. But then I went in to try the Victoria and I think they are truly beautiful!

    What size Victoria or studs would you be contemplating? Would you get other Victoria items to match? I have the Victoria bracelet and like to have things in sets, so the heart part of me says the Victoria earrings. But the brain part says diamond studs. What are your thoughts?
  7. diamond studs -- so classic!
  8. It depends on the rest of your jewelry collection. If you have a mixture of modern designs and classics, I would go for diamond studs. If your collection is very girly, then go for the Victoria Earrings.
  9. I have the classic studs and I am saving up for the Victoria earrings. It all depends if you wear a lot of pendants. I have a few Tiffany diamond pendants and my round studs go well with all of them. I know the Victoria earrings will not go well with my Tiffany pendants expect for my Victoria pendant. So, if you wear diamond pendants, I would suggest the round studs. If you don't really wear pendants, get the Victoria earrings and you can wear them 247.
  10. I have the medium Victoria earrings and love them but don't wear them that often. For my lifestyle they seem a bit too much for everyday. I want to get smaller studs 1 ctw for everyday. It depends on your lifestyle/wardrobe/what you already have. That said, I'm still saving up for the large Victoria pendant!
  11. Diamond studs - classic, goes with everything, don't have to worry about keeping them symmetric.
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    I'm thinking about the small size Victoria earrings ... for the studs the surface area/presence would be similar so it's a matter of if I should go with a simple round shape or the more girly floral shape but I know both should go with a lot of outfits dressed up or down. If anyone has both would be good to know which pair they wear more often ?
  13. I don't have the Victoria but the Mosaic and I wear them very often (not quite everyday) but I def wear them more than the studs I own
  14. Hi,

    Don't need to think much and undoubtedly you can choose the Tiffany Victoria earrings.The effect is dazzling, from morning to midnight.
  15. The Victoria studs are pretty & a bit more unique, but studs are more classic. It depends what look you want to go for. Perhaps get the classic studs now & see how you feel, then if u still want the Victoria studs get them later on (or vice versa)
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