Diamond studs or Loveknots

  1. Hi Ladies/Gents,

    I am still try to decide to get the 'right earpiece' for my jewellery-collection.

    I got offered a beautiful 0.5carat studs with whitegold and yellow gold loveknots..

    I do mostly wear yellow gold or bicolor jewellery with diamonds.

    what do you think would be better for everyday use?

    Or should i wait to find the right diamond-studs with yellowgold???


  2. loveknots.
  3. If you don't have studs, I think those are a staple. I have yellow and white gold studs and also wear yellow and white gold. However, I reach for the white gold more, b/c I think it flows more w/ the stones, if that makes sense at all.
  4. I vote studs. That's what I'd get for sure.
  5. Studs are classic; but if you have plan to pair them up w/ your other jewelry, then go with the yellow gold. But see if your jeweler can change the posts of the stud to yellow gold.
  6. Another vote for Studs.. ;)
  7. lovenots
  8. i would go with the studs
  9. If you don't have nice studs, go for them first and later on get the other ones
  10. Studs. If you already have studs; loveknots. Both are classic.
  11. studs
  12. Thanks everyone for the feedback! I just bought a 0.5carat studs with yellow gold, they beautifully complement my rings....but yesterday at Tiffany i saw a very simple and beautiful earrings from the signature collection:smile:....
  13. What are loveknots? Pics?