Diamond studs or expensive watch?

  1. I don't know which one to choose...guys please help! :s

    It's either I get myself a pair of round solitaire diamond studs or a Girard Perregaux watch. I've been wanting both for a long time already but can only afford one. I need your opinions why I should choose one over the other. Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I'd go for the expensive watch, especially if you don't plan to wear the studs on a daily basis. Do you have an existing watch that you can tolerate for a little bit longer? Then you can consider the studs, but otherwise I'd get the watch and maybe fake studs if you really need something for your ears as well.
  3. I vote for studs. They are classic and I wear studs every day. They can be casual, dressy, whatever! I think they are essential for a jewelry wardrobe and IMO, I think rank before watches in terms of what should is essential.
  4. do you have either now?
    Do you have a nice pair of studs or a decent watch now?
    I'd probably go for the watch first and buy some nice faux diamond earrings until later.
  5. i would go for watch....:tup: cos u can use it more often
  6. Me, too.

    I don't have a pair of diamond studs (I did, but lost one of the earrings, oops)... I still haven't replaced the diamond stud(s) but I did end up with a nice watch and am happy with that decision.
  7. I'd go for the Diamond studs.. with "screw backings" or a "stronger clasp" in the back to keep them secured on your ear. I wear my diamond studs everyday and they go with everything. :yes: As for a watch... for personal preference.. I tend to scratch up my watches.. and it would tear me apart if I scratched up a nice expensive watch. :s
  8. I have lots of watches but I never use them because my cell phone has a clock anyways, so I would go for the studs since I would wear them more.
  9. Well,you would look at a watch more,I'm with Swanky on this one,go for the nice watch and get faux earrings for now.I'm wearing a cz solitaire pendant at the mo,to check out if I want the real thing at a later date,I'm still not sure,so its saved me cash while I decide,try that for a bit and see if long term you would get a lot of wear out of studs. Saying that though,I wear a Rolex every day,I'd rather give up my diamond studs than my watch.
  10. I would go for the diamonds studs... you will wear them more, even daily if you like... our mobiles have clocks so forget the watch...
  11. Many watches increase their prices over time, so you might want to consider buying one now.
  12. I would go for the diamond studs. :smile:
  13. I agree with the studs. I get so sick of my watches after awhile. I think a classic piece like diamond studs will keep you happy for a very long time.
  14. I say go for the studs. I wear two pair everyday and get tons of complements. Definately get screwbacks!!
  15. Go for the watch it will last longer the studs you may want to upgrade them later with bigger ones anyway