Diamond studs in France - Baunat ?

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  1. Hello!

    I'm from France and I would like to buy a pair of diamond studs for my 30th birthday. I still have time for that but I would like to ask you where would you recommend to buy it from.

    Is it more "affordable" to buy it in the US or in Europe ?

    I heard Baunat have good prices for diamonds but on their website the cut of the diamonds is VG and I would like Excellent cut. I would also like to know if you recommend them.

  2. Anyone ?
  3. I'm not personally familiar with diamond prices in France specifically, but I know it is often much cheaper to buy diamonds in the US than in the UK and Europe.
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  4. I have the same impression. Maybe because diamonds seem to be less popular in Europe overall.
  5. Thank you for your response.

    I knew that a few years ago when 1 euro was almost equal to 1 usd, it was great to buy stuff in the US. Also there is tax in the US : I saw on some website like BlueNile that diamonds are more affordable but there is tax and shipping to add I believe, even if one lives in the US ?
  6. Diamonds are popular here but for people I know it is not a priority and people don't want to be too flashy. And for normal working people the difference between a good salary and a low salary is smaller here than in the US so it's not easy to buy something as expensive as diamonds!

    But I don't know anyone who would refuse diamonds if it was gifted to them ! ;)