Diamond Stud earrings: decide to buy my first pair

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  1. Hello,
    I would like to find out info about ladies who bought diamond stud earrings that are between 1-2 carat total (which means .5 to 1 carat each earring). i'm wearing CZ ones rite now and they're about 1 carat each so I cannot imagine going a size smaller from here...I was wondering if you guys can suggest color and clarity for the diamonds. i've heard you don't need that good of a quality compare to diamonds used on rings...please suggest what's the color and clarity and around what's the price range.
    also, if you have diamond studs..how's your carat, clarity, color, cut and cost?? thank you

    any website suggestions are great!!! thanks :smile:
  2. pm'd some suggestion to you! :yes:
  3. great..thank you :smile:
  4. I got mine (1.08 tcw) from Whiteflash.com. I picked my owns stones which made it more expensive, but Whiteflash's "Ready Set Go" are supposed to be quite beautiful and very very reasonable. I'd give them a call. Their customer service is amazing (I particularly liked dealing with Tracy, but they'e all really nice there). Congratulations, btw, I just got my first pair ,too. :yahoo:

  5. I got my first pair of 1cttw, G color, VS2. I love them! I don't know the cost tho...since it was a gift. They are set in a martini setting, sits well on the ear.

    oh...and I forgot to say, you are right, you probably don't need a high quality one for earrings. You can probably go down to color I and clarity SI.