Diamond Stitch Totes

  1. If anyone is interested......Neiman's in Chicago has:

    -Small white diamond stitch tote
    -Large black diamond stitch tote
    -Small white diamond stitch flap (OOPS....I bought that one! Sorry!)

    Just ask for Clifford!
  2. HOw did the white tote look?
  3. The white was very white, but the leather is grained (I think) so it didn't have a shocking...hello...I am a white bag look. The white flap looked a lot better than the tote. The tote is a small and I think that it would look much nicer in the large, plus the flap fit more comfortably under my arm. :yes:
  4. Dear Sappho:

    Gosh, you are such a tease and I love your hummor!!!