diamond stitch totes in black or white in saks, of bergdorfs?

  1. anyone see any black or white chanel diamond stitch totes in size small in either Saks outside of CA (trying to avoid paying tax) or in bergdorf's?
  2. I just saw that over the weekend in black and in white at Saks on the east coast....no tax baby!!!!!! Contact my SA, Joseph @917-776-9353
  3. I just saw the Diamond stitch over the weekend on the east coast...Call my fav SA at Saks -Joseph 917-776-9353..No tax baby!!!!:p
  4. ^ which location is that?

    also, do you think he can pre-sell me it, cuz I want to use it on the gift card day (22nd)..is he a member here?
  5. My NM in Michigan has a few. Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442.
  6. It is my understanding from Saks that if you purchase from another Saks located in another state you still pay sales tax if the state you live in has a Saks Fifth Avenue located somewhere in it.
  7. ^^^ I think you are right. You still have to pay tax as long as there is a store in your State.
  8. thats not true, saks has some kind of agreement that if you order from a saks outside your state, you DONT pay sales tax. I have ordered fendi bags from out of state saks and WAS NOT charged tax. There is a thread somewhere in here that states so.
  9. Severla Saks stores have told me that they I don't get charged tax if the item isnt available in my states Saks. ( I live in PA) and I was most recently told this by an associate in San Antonio.
  10. i went to saks nyc today and there were both the black and white small DS totes. the number is 1212-940-4347, ask for pauline, she's verry nice and helpful. and could you clear this confusion up about the tax issue when you do order? thannks, i would love to take advantage of this deal.
  11. ^ did you see any accessories or anything there?

    i WANT to hit the 2k mark, so I can get a 300$ GC.
    also, whats the deal if I end up getting the bag and then dont like it and want to return it, will they take back the GC?

  12. Thanks, I tryed dialing that number, it didnt work..so I called the store directly and luckily they had a black small diamond stitch tote available for $1625 and because I was trying to hit the $2k mark to get back a $300GC she suggested I get a chanel necklace that was $385.00, which I did--sight unseen. If I dont like it, I can always take it to my local saks and exchange it for a pair of Louboutin shoes and pay the diff using my $300GC LOL. I ended up talking to Pauline anyways, without having to ask for her...she is nice!

    the entire tax thing goes like this- some stores will charge tax if you charge send, some dont. why? because it depends on the legal relationship between the state that you are ordering from and the state you are having it sent to. NYC dosent charge tax to customers in CA, CT DOES, missouri does not and neither does PA. They have a list of states that they have to charge tax to, so luckily NYC didnt charge me tax, just $13 for s&h. im excited. I FEEL like I got a deal even though im getting back a GC and not a discount.
  13. That's great you got it worked out w/o tax. I purchase from Saks at Phipps Plaza Atlanta GA. They charge me sales tax at my local rate when they ship to me at my home address in AL. Guess GA is one of the states that charges tax.

    Enjoy your purchases~~
  14. wow salsa, i'm happy you got that black DS. i tried the white one on yesterday, but didnt purchase it b/c i really really want a baby cabas before i get something else.. and hitting the 2k mark is genius! the $300 and saved tax is like a big chanel discount! the biggest i've gotten is the pre-price hike flaps i bought, 'saved' $955! hmm, now i'm tempted to call a store in each state to check which ones i can get tax free items from.
  15. oh, post pics of you and ur DS!