Diamond Stitch Totes for Spring

  1. Hello! I noticed that a few of you have been looking for Diamond Stitch totes (I had been as well!)...Saks has re-ordered them in black and white for Spring (no brown this time I believe). I just called my local Saks and ordered a black one :smile:

    The SA was not exactly sure when they are coming in but I am so glad I am getting one! :yes:

    Hope this helps someone!!
  2. Forgot to add that the SA said they would be the same price. However, this surprised me since there is going to be that price increase.
  3. I think most of the Classics will have the price increases.
    I think most newer lignes had the increase built in.
  4. Thanks, it is helpful! I will call my Saks SA today. How nmuch are they by the way??
  5. Good to know!! Thanks for the clarification!:smile:
  6. Thanks so much! I want one, too, but am afraid of white.
  7. Neiman's will have them also for Spring/Summer.