Diamond stitch totes anywhere?

  1. I know this is a long shot (a very long shot), but has anybody spotted the diamond stitch tote in black or white in any size recently? Thanks.
  2. Yup. I saw a small white Diamond Stitch tote at Hirshleifer in Americana shopping center today. The people there are so snooty though. :tdown:
  3. Thanks! I'll try calling them! Hope they aren't snooty on the phone...
  4. I would love a large white diamond stitch.
  5. I want a black large or small from last year. I am searching- hoping to find one at Saks for the EGC event..
  6. FYI, I saw a black/greyish small Diamond stitch at NYC's Bloomingdale's on 59th St. However, something about the bag made me think that it's either Outdoor bag or Diamond Stitch. That bag was definitely a return because there are several small scratches all over the bag plus the Chanel tag was ripped off and taped right back inside the zipper pull.
  7. Thanks for the tips, shopaholic668. I called Hirshleifer today, and the first lady I talked to was very snooty and "accidentally" hung up on me, but the second lady I talked to was pretty nice. I think they're bringing the diamond stitch tote back for the fall, and she took me name in case they come in. I'll check with Bloomies too. Thanks again!
  8. I had a PM from a lovely SA on the PF called lokomaika, she told me that the DS line is coming bag for fall. If you PM her I'm sure she will get in touch with you when the bags arrive.
  9. Yes, the DS is back for Fall and my SA said they should be in any time between now and August!!
  10. Thanks again ladies for all of the info!