Diamond stitch tote...

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  1. Is it still possible to find the large diamond stitch tote? I would be interested in the white or black color... Please let me know if you've sighted any recently... Thanks.
  2. Is this the same as the perforated tote?
  3. No. Its in the chanel reference section under diamond stitch. It's kind of retangular long width and has diamond stiching and chain handles.
  4. I love the Diamond Stitch too and have been looking for one as well. I contacted Chanel consumer line and they didnt have any in the styles I was looking for. Maybe NM or Nordies would. I guess you just have to get lucky!
  5. I like the Diamond stitch the best. They are still out there, you just have to ask the right people. This is my favorite one.
  6. I saw the small brown diamond stitch tote at Saks New Orleans, but I only want the large white or even black...
  7. The black is Ok,but, I personally think it is great in brown. The black doesnt do the bag any justice.
  8. I agree, the brown is gorgeous!

    I have the brown tote from the Outdoor line which is very similar. I prefer the smaller cc logo and muted antique hardware. The Outdoor tote only comes in one size but it is plenty big enough for my needs.
  9. Post #5 is the DS flap not the tote.

    Kitten are u looking for the tote or the flap?
  10. The tote, not the flap.
  11. Oooh I agree. The brown is scrumptous. I would go for brown or white, either flap (the larger one) or tote.
  12. From what I have understood the larger ones, like Smooth's have been sold out for a long time, no one has them.
  13. I had a customer trying to find a Large Diamond Stich and they have been SOLD out EVERYWHERE!! Such a great line...I really liked the Blue & the Red:smile:) K~
  14. Thanks Thompk and Swanky, I'll just have to get another bag....
  15. I guess our only chance would be eBay (and I havent seen any thus far) :sad: