Diamond Stitch Tote

  1. Just got my large diamond stitch tote. Love it! I took back my New Mordern Chain Tote. It feels so durable compared to the other and I save some $$$. Anyone else have it?
  2. I love the diamond stitch, it's such a keeper. And I've had more than one SA tell me the MC chain keeps coming apart, so I think you choose a better bag.
  3. I love the diamond stitch too!
  4. I have the large DS in black. It's a great bag! My only issue is the CC can scratch very easily. I try my best not to let the chain hit up against the logo when I put the bag down, but sometimes I'm not so successful. From a cursory glance the CC still looks pristine, but when I hold it up to the light and inspect it with my reading glasses (LOL!) there are a couple of very tiny scratches.

    I suppose I shouldn't worry so much because a bag is meant to be used and enjoyed. It is definitely serving the purpose of being a practical bag, much more than the Luxury patent tote, which I returned for the DS.
  5. I love this bag! My mom got it for me as my Xmas present (and let me have it a bit early!) and it's just a beauty!
  6. Great choice! I have this bag in the small and I love it! I agree with Roey though - I have a hard time keeping the chain from hitting the CC logo...
  7. Ah, glad to hear I am not the only one who is so protective of the hardware.

  8. The DS is one of my favorites too. Very practical everyday bag because it is so durable. Unfortunately, my new mod chain is going back very soon too.
  9. Congrats!It's a beautiful bag!:tup:
  10. one of my fav lignes:tup:....congrats!:yahoo:
  11. Congrats! I love my small DS too - it's my everyday bag. The metal does get scrached but i always try to place the front chain into the flap when i set it down.
  12. wow, I didnt even think about the chain hitting the cc....I just inspected it. Still looks super good. I'll be sure to be careful of that. Thanks. I wasfreaking out constantly over the Modern Chain. I feel more at ease with this one for sure...
  13. You all are so lucky as can own that lovely bag... :woohoo:

    I'm loving this in small size for long long time but find nothing finally :crybaby:
  14. BTW, since I am from CA. It is fun to say I got my bag in NY....That is where I turned in my Modern Chain and got my new baby.. Diamond Stitch...Did I mention HOW much we LOVED NY....Was a magical time. Those of you in NY live in an amazing place!
  15. Oooh I just got this bag a few days ago and I absolutely love it!!! It's my third Chanel bag. I have a black PST w/zipper, a white jumbo caviar, and now this....and its currently my favorite :smile: