Diamond Stitch Tote question

  1. I've been out of the "loop" recently and was wondering if it's possible to get the diamond stitch tote anywhere, in any color. This is the bag that was featured in the NM catalogue in brown and has the large metal CC in front. i saw in the pic section that one member has it in red, another in white and comes in small and large. I called the 800 number and they said to try the dept. stores? Does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks!!!
  2. you could probably get the small box one, but the large was sold out immediately from everywhere.
    The small is really cute, but not comfy on me - too bulky under the arm.
  3. Hi Lainie, I just bought the small tote in red from Saks. It's gorgeous and I get a lot of compliments on it. I originally wanted the large brwn but it was impossible to track down (and believe me I called all the stores).

    A couple days ago, Gordon Stewart still had small black tote in stock. Good luck. Hope u find what ur looking for.
  5. Thanks so much everyone. I'm on a mission to find one!
  6. Try Bloomie's in New York - saw one there this weekend.
  7. I purchased the large black diamond stitch from Palm Beach last week and apparently they had 3 left. I am so so happy with this bag . I use it for an everyday bag. I was on the wait list for the medium size through Chanel NY and when they sold out of their large size they got it for me from Palm Beach. It is being released in black and white. They just got shipments the Friday before Xmas.
  8. Hi Penny, I assume Gordon Stewart is a department store, I was given their contact info by the Chanel 800 # so I know they are an authorized retailer of Chanel. Here's their ph # 405-843-6500. Hope this helps.
  9. The Sak's in Portland, Oregon had a couple in red about two weeks ago. Gorgeous, gorgeous bag!