Diamond stitch tote owners--do you find that the bag is very heavy?

  1. I thought I read that on the boards somewhere. Or do you enjoy carrying it? I am trying to decide whether to get a bag next week or hold out for fall/winter to see if the diamond stitch will come in a nice brown.
  2. Mine aren't heavy at all. I love it, I have the smaller version in white and in black.
  3. kitten, do you mind posting a pic of you carrying your small DS for reference.. TIA~
  4. I really want to get the small DS in white or black. My only concern is that the CC logo on the front will get really scratched because it is so large. Can anyone tell me if this will happen? Thanks in advance!
  5. I will do it as soon as I can get my hubby to take one.
  6. Not yet. I saw an old used one on eBay and it had hairline scratches, nothing really noticeable. So I think it will be ok...
  7. leem, i have the small red DS and just bought the white and LOVE it, carry it everyday to work (and i'm always out in the field, so i carry it on the shoulders all day) and its stuffed FULL. people have said it is heavy (but that might be b/c of all the contents), but for me i dont really notice it.

    As for scratches, i am not careful at all and throw it around in and out of the car, i let the metal chains hit the large CC on the front and still not one scratch. Even i'm surprised.

    Very functional and GORGEOUS.
  8. Kittens and goingindebt, since you both own the white version, can I ask if the bag gets dirty easily? Especially when it is to be used as an everyday, go-everywhere tote? Do you use a protectant over it? Thanks...
  9. jade, just got mine in white, but so far the red has shown no wear, scratches, dirt, etc. and i have not used any protectant, but white could be a totally diff story. the leather is very durable however. sorry couldnt be more help :smile:
  10. I have it in black, and find it surprisingly not heavy. I really do love it, especially the front and back open compartments -- so easy to pull stuff in and out.
    However, my CCs are totally scratched. It's ok, though, because it does not take away from the general fabulousness of the bag.